The GDPR Series

The GDPR Series

Ransomware, GDPR Data Protection and Cyber Security with Liam Lynch

February 14, 2020

Today on The GDPR Series podcast, our focus is ransomware – cyber security AND data protection!  I chat with a well-known on the training circuit and expert cyber guy about the current ransomware landscape and how he got into data protection work.  Yes, it does involve managers reading employee emails. Heads up: he’ll be one of our Serity support consultants!   Listen to find out more.
Our guest today is Liam Lynch who prides himself on keeping security simplified and training fun!  Yes, fun cyber security and data protection done excellently.  Liam was really involved in the GDPR Awareness Coalition and still hosts some great infographics on his site.  Fact – I met Liam for the first time in a Centra (inside joke).  Liam is based in Tipperary and Limerick and can be found at
In this episode, Liam reflects on his journey from cyber security and the tech world into sharing his knowledge with us through GDPR data protection training.  We discuss dealing with data subject rights requests, CCTV footage requests, backups, TESTING your backups, and other interesting matters!  If you need training, consulting or audit done, give Liam a call or drop him an email!
Tel: 087-436-2675
Liam’s Links:

* Liam’s Weekend Wisdom Blogs
* GDPR Resources (you’ll find the GDPR infographics on this page)
* L2Cyber on Twitter (great cyber security and data protection tips).

Interview Transcription:
Philipa Farley 0:01
Hi, and welcome to our podcast called The GDPR Series, where we discuss data protection, privacy, and cyber security matters, that ordinary people in everyday businesses face. We have a series of really interesting and lovely guests and we hope you enjoy listening along with us. Hi Liam, thank you for joining me on the call. I really appreciate the time and it’s great to chat to you. Yeah. So do you want to tell us a bit about yourself? I’m going to share the screen before you start here. So we’ve got your website up on the screen.
Liam Lynch 0:42
Yeah, so thanks for arranging this, Philipa. So, as you said, my name is Liam Lynch. My company is L2 Cyber Security Solutions. I am a cyber security and data protection GDPR trainer and consultant. I have been in business since January 2016. So it’s just over four years now. And my main, I suppose, focus, my main way of doing things for my clients is: I keep it as simple as possible. Yeah, so therefore my maximum security simplified so you’ll, you’ll see me use security simplified absolutely everywhere. So, I take, you know, the kind of scary technical topics such as, you know, cyber security, and boring legal subjects like GDPR and turn them into, you know, simple plain English that anybody can understand. So, that’s, that’s the main focus of my business. A bit on the side then would be business continuity planning and security risk assessments for clients, the small business clients that are unsure about their, you know, that their security of their IT setup, I can go in and review it for them and make recommendations, etc. And I also then produce plans for disasters, such as fires, floods and ransomware, which I think we might discuss later.
Philipa Farley 2:24
Yeah, absolutely. We’ll discuss it. I’m just gonna open that up here. It’s ready. Like what we’re trying to do with this series o...