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Episode 4: Jacob Dunne on meeting the mother of the man he killed
October 28, 2020

Marina Cantacuzino talks to Jacob Dunne who aged 18 was convicted of manslaughter for killing a man with a single punch. This episode tells the story of Jacob’s gradual rehabilitation and the vital role played by the parents of the man he killed –...

Episode 3: Joan Scourfield on facing the man who killed her son
October 13, 2020

Marina Cantacuzino talks to Joan Scourfield, the mother of James who in 2011 was killed when a young man called, Jacob Dunne, threw a fatal punch in an unprovoked attack in Nottingham, England. A few years later Joan and her then husband David came...

Episode 1: Stephanie Cassatly on rage and the gift of remorse
September 29, 2020

Marina Cantacuzino talks to Stephanie Cassatly, a writer, teacher, mother and wife from Florida. When Stephanie was 18, her mother was shot and killed in a convenience store robbery in New Orleans, changing every preconceived notion she had about...

Episode 2: Bjørn Ihler on the power of personal storytelling, violent extremism and why it’s important not to dehumanize terrorists
September 29, 2020

Marina Cantacuzino talks to 29-year-old Bjørn Ihler, a writer, filmmaker and ‘peace activist’ from Norway. Bjørn is a survivor of the attack on Utøya Island in July 2011 when far-right extremist Anders Breivik killed 69 people and injured many...

The F Word Podcast Trailer
September 17, 2020

The F Word is a new podcast series that examines the complex, messy, gripping subject of forgiveness. In each episode Marina Cantacuzino, a journalist and founder of The Forgiveness Project, talks to a guest who despite having experienced great pain...