The Expert Economy

The Expert Economy

Ep.7 How to “Fail Forward” Like a Pro

September 23, 2020


Episode 7:
How to "fail forward" like a pro

Setting goals without the skill set to match can be detrimental to our well-being
We all know that starting a business is a steep learning for anyone, and even more so for those shifting from Employment to Entrepreneurship. We all need goals to work towards, but when you’re new to anything, expecting to meet your targets right out of the gate is unrealistic.
It takes time to build up the skills and habits to succeed and succeed consistently.
When we don’t have a realistic expectation or the right self-talk, it doesn’t take much to become despondent and give up on our goals altogether – and I should know, it happened to me.
In this episode, I share from my own story of pushing myself into the entrepreneurial world, and giving up on setting goals altogether because what was the point? I’d never achieve them, right? Instead, I learned the subtle art of failing forward and created my own coaching book to keep me on track.
Check it out now.


When we set goals and continually fail to meet them, we create evidence to use against ourselves about what we can and can’t do, and our self-belief and confidence diminish. As we sell our expertise as a service, this is something we must avoid at all costs.


An intention is the same as a goal, but it doesn’t have a deadline. This way, we can aim high, give it everything we’ve got, and take the learning forward into our next attempt with out the disappointment or feeling of 'failure'.


Setting intentions gets us into the habit of evaluating our performance and creating structures to support what we are aiming to achieve. Eventually, everything will be in place and reaching our goal consistently will become easy.  


Failing forward is to never give up on what we’ve set out to achieve or conclude that it can’t be done. It is always to take the learning from apparent ‘failure’ forward into our next attempt, whether that is to go for the same thing again or pivot.


Failing forward recognises the gap between where we are now and where we want to get to, and gives us the opportunity to grow.



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