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The Expert Economy

Episode 4: How to Accelerate Your Success By Leveraging Trust in Your Network

September 02, 2020


Episode 4:
How to Accelerate your success by leveraging trust in your network

Whether you're just getting started and still figuring things out in your business, or whether you're looking to inject some new life into your existing packages, this strategy is for you.
In this episode, I talk about how to leverage the trust you've spent decades building to open doors of opportunity. Throughout our lives, we have all met people and made an impression. We may have met a person for half an hour or spent a lifetime with them, it doesn't matter, every person is part of our network and holds a certain level of trust in us. We can leverage this trust to open doors of opportunity and get where we want to go.
And the great thing about this strategy is, you don't even have to have all your ducks lined up. It actually works best when you are still figuring out the problem you want to solve and how you want to deliver it.


Your network is really your 'net worth' - it's what you have left when you've lost all your worldly goods. True wealth is having people who trust and respect you and are willing to open doors for you when/if you lose everything.


You've developed trust and reputation with every person you've met, whether for a long or short time. 


Connecting with everyone you've met and know on LinkedIn is when the real magic happens. It's like putting all your money in the same bank account. It grows interest.


When we ask for an introduction to an ideal prospect, the trust your mutual contact has in you is transferred to your prospect, making them much more receptive to hearing from you. 


If you aren't sure what your product offering is yet, or you're looking to take your current offering up a notch, the research strategy is ideal for getting you in front of your prospect.



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