The Expert Economy

The Expert Economy

Episode 1: How to become the only person your prospect wants to work with

August 12, 2020


Episode 1:
How to Become The Only Person Your Prospect wants to work with

As Expert Entrepreneurs you don’t have time to waste when it comes to winning new clients, nor do you want to get distracted learning fancy sales techniques or continually following up with prospects. 
What you need is your ideal customer to come to you pre-sold and ready to buy.
This means they come to you aware of they have a problem and ready to invest in your solution. They trust you as an expert, they understand your philosophy and approach, and they are all in. Your sales conversation is the first step to getting to know each other, confirming their own diagnosis of the problem is correct and that you are the right person to help (and that you want to).
In this podcast, I discuss how to become the only person your prospect wants to work with.



77% of people that start their buying journey with you will buy from you*


A person starts their buying journey when they become aware they have a problem


Most people don’t know they have a problem, they are just living with the status quo, thinking ‘this is just the way things are’


Prospects that discover you when searching for a service provider are more likely to compare you to your competitors and negotiate on price


When a prospect understands your approach to solving their problem and see you as their expert, come to you ready to pay for the value you create

*When quoting this statistic every effort was made to find its original source. Unfortunately, the result of an extensive google search found that it was one person quoting another in a loop. I have chosen to include it anyway because I think we can see from our own behaviour that the percentage is realistic.


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