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Episode 8: Why You Will Go Broke Booking “1-2-1s” With New Prospects
October 07, 2020

After attending a networking event, we're always encouraged to book 1-2-1 appointments with people we might like to work with. It's certainly is a nice idea. But it is also the fastest way to go broke!

Ep.7 How to “Fail Forward” Like a Pro
September 23, 2020

Podcast Episode 7: How to "fail forward" like a pro Setting goals without the skill set to match can be detrimental to our well-being

Episode 6: Why Having Start-Up Cash is the Worst Thing For Your New Business
September 16, 2020

Having start up gives us a cushion to fall back on when things don’t go quiet to plan, but they also can make things to comfortable.

Episode 5: 10 LinkedIn Myths That Are Holding You Back
September 10, 2020

Countless people have left LinkedIn workshops still baffled as to how to use it. It’s not the trainers fault, or that they didn’t learn. It’s that they are missing a vital element: Strategy. And what it means to them, uniquely, in their business.

Episode 4: How to Accelerate Your Success By Leveraging Trust in Your Network
September 02, 2020

How to Accelerate your success by leveraging trust in your network Whether you're just getting started and still figuring things out in your business, or whether you're looking to inject some new life into your existing packages, this...

Episode 3: Why it’s not always procrastination
August 27, 2020

Do you ever find yourself unable to move forward with a big goal? You know you want the result and are willing to do the hard work, yet you find you’re not moving forward.

Episode 2: Get Advice Savvy: Learn the Advice to Listen to and What to Run From
August 17, 2020

With so many training courses and marketing strategies out there, how do you know which ones are right for your business and when to invest in them?

Episode 1: How to become the only person your prospect wants to work with
August 12, 2020

As Expert Entrepreneurs you don’t have time to waste when it comes to winning new clients, nor do you want to get distracted learning fancy sales techniques or continually following up with prospects. What you need is your ideal customer to come to you...