Latest Episodes

EDGE030: Why Should I Be Recording?
October 30, 2015

Today I want to talk to you about recording. There are so many benefits to recording and letting your audience hear you voice. Have a listen and find out why you should be recording and talking about your specialist subject. 

EDGE029: You Really Need This Plan In Place
October 29, 2015

I have recently had to taken a little step back from my business. Do you have a plan in place if you need to take time out? 

EDGE028: Don't Just Fling It Out There - Stimulate The Nosiness In People
October 28, 2015

Flinging things out there without any thought won't create interest in your business.The title of your class needs to generate a level of curiosity for those who see it. 

EDGE027: It Opened Her Eyes to A Whole New World
October 27, 2015

Last week I had a lovely lady who joined the Get Online the Bootcamp, and she was like a rabbit in the headlights. Have a listen to my suggestions to her. 

EDGE026: What Should I Be Offering?
October 26, 2015

Are you overthinking what you should be offering? 

EDGE025: 5 Trade Secrets of the Big Players
October 23, 2015

So what are the big players doing in their online marketing that is making them millions, and how can you implement them into your business? 

EDGE024: Gathering Your Crowd
October 22, 2015

Let's talk about the steps that you can take to gather your crowd. Have a listen to my top tips! If you are serious about gathering your crowd take a look at Get Online - The Bootcamp

EDGE023: Why Facebook Ads Are Like Working With Animals & Children
October 21, 2015

I am going to let you into a little secret about Facebook Ads. Have a listen to find out more.  Don't forget to pick up my Facebook Ads Freebie Checklist

EDGE022: The Personality Injection
October 20, 2015

Let's talk about injecting personality and shining in your business. So what do you need to do to get away from being boring and vanilla? 

EDGE021: Leveraging
October 19, 2015

Today I am talking to you about leveraging your knowledge and products and taking your business online.