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The Houssian Foundation With Mira Oreck, Executive Director
November 29, 2023

Created by the Houssian family in 2005, The Houssian Foundation is one of the few private foundations that practices trust-based philanthropy. Douglas Nelson, host, is joined by Mira Oreck, Executive Director, to discuss how she is leading the founda

Make-A-Wish With Christie Buono, Chapter Director
November 22, 2023

Granting wishes isn't just about creating moments; it's about igniting a lifetime of hope, one heartfelt dream at a time. Join us in exploring Make-A-Wish Canada with Christie Buono, the dedicated Chapter Director of BC & Yukon. In this episode, Chris

Plastic Bank Foundation with Daniel Rotman, CEO
November 15, 2023

Plastic waste is undeniably one of the greatest problems we are facing today. Despite this, efforts at mitigating this problem are uneven across the globe, especially when you factor in poverty levels. This dual problem of addressing plastic pollution and

Inspiring Children Foundation With Trenton Alenik, CEO
November 08, 2023

Our youth is the catalyst for change. But what kind of future will we have if the catalyst of change grows in an environment flooded with insecurities, violence, and trauma? In this episode, Trenton Alenik, the CEO of Inspiring Children Foundation, joins

Opportunity Spotlight: Chinese Canadian Museum With Melissa Lee, CEO
November 02, 2023

The recently opened Chinese Canadian Museum in Vancouver celebrates the contributions and sacrifices of Chinese Canadian communities across the country. The museums CEO Dr. Melissa Lee joins Christoph Clodius to talk about their new r

Jane Goodall Institute Canada With Bella Lam, CEO
November 01, 2023

Dr. Jane Goodall is the iconic and inspiring figure behind Jane Goodall Institute Canada. As the Founder, she created a better, more sustainable world through a community-centered conservation program. Turning hope into action is Bella Lam, the CEO of Jan

Opportunity Spotlight: Vancouver Community College With Moira Gookstetter
October 26, 2023

On todays Opportunity Spotlight, Moira Gookstetter, Executive Director, Vancouver Community College Foundation dives into the role of Associate Director of Advancement. She shares everything the college and foundation provides, from professional developm

Facilitating On Purpose With Beth Cougler Blom, Author, Podcaster & Facilitator
October 25, 2023

Leaders must learn how to conduct their meetings, breakouts, and training sessions not only in an engaging manner, but more importantly, in an effective way. Author and podcaster Beth Cougler Blom is here to discuss facilitating on purpose with Douglas Ne

Opportunity Spotlight: BC Family Doctors With Dr. Tahmeena Ali, President
October 19, 2023

On this episode of Opportunity Spotlight, Christoph Clodius, host, is joined by Dr. Tahmeena Ali, Board Chair of  BC Family Doctors to discuss an exciting new opportunity, Executive Director. Dr. Tahmeena shares the organization's vision, mission and

Dream.Org With Nisha Anand, CEO & President
October 18, 2023

Turning dreams into reality: where determined optimism meets unwavering action. In this inspiring episode, we have Nisha Anand to dive into the world of Dream.Org, a remarkable organization that’s making waves at the intersection of crimina