The Dignity of Women

The Dignity of Women

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The Dignity of Women - Episode 022 - Dawn Eden Goldstein (Jewish Rock and Roll Journalist to Catholic Convert)
September 17, 2019

Dawn Eden Goldstein is a Jewish convert and Rock and Roll historian. As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, Goldstein is an outspoken advocate for healing through proper counsel and God's mercy. Dawn joins me on this episode of The Dignity of Women&n

The Dignity of Women - Episode 021 - Fr. Donald Calloway
August 14, 2019

Fr. Donald Calloway, a Catholic priest, often known as the “surfer priest” with a radical conversation through Our Lady joins me on this episode of The Dignity of Women to explain how a high school dropout and juvenile delinquent becom

The Dignity of Women - Episode 020 - Patrick Sullivan
July 09, 2019

Catholic lay evangelist, Patrick Sullivan was raised by a single mother in rough neighborhoods of Canada and grew up with poor examples of father figures throughout his childhood and teens. It wasn't until a miraculous experience that Patrick turned to Go

The Dignity of Women - Episode 019 - Dr. John Bruchalski (Abortionist turned Pro-Life Doc)
June 05, 2019

How does a young man from a devout Catholic family, with a Catholic school education, and a strong desire to help others, become a medical doctor who preforms abortions, sterilizations, and creates embryos for In Vitro Fertilization? Dr. John Bruchalski o

The Dignity of Women - Episode 018 - Catholic Feminism
May 08, 2019

Feminism is largely associated with women's rights. It has remained a fluid term throughout its several waves, currently promoting reproductive rights and the abolition of gender. It seems almost impossible to imagine how feminism and Catholicism could po

The Dignity of Women - Episode 017 - From the Cloister
April 30, 2019

It always seems to surprise people in modern society that the Church is still receiving vocations, and that God is still calling young men and women to give their lives to Him as priest or religious sister. Beyond that surprise however, lies a much greate

The Dignity of Women - Episode 015 - Irene Alexander
April 15, 2019

The "feminine genius" is a term that was advanced by St. John Paul II during his papacy, and has challenged and encouraged both women and men in the Church since then. But what exactly "is" the feminine genius and how do women fully live this out, in orde

The Dignity of Women - Episode 016 - Janet Smith
April 15, 2019

Janet E. Smith is the Father Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. She taught at the University of Notre Dame for 9 years and the University of Dallas for 12. She is the author of Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later and&nb

The Dignity Of Women - Episode 014 - Alice von Hildebrand
February 26, 2019

Alice von Hildebrand was close to her PhD in philosophy when she began applying to Catholic colleges - all of which turned her down, despite her strong curriculum vitae, because they refused to hire a women to teach philosophy. Alice had only been in the

The Dignity of Women - Episode 013 - Rannah Evetts
February 06, 2019

Rannah Evetts followed a call to teach sign language in Africa shortly after her senior year of High School, in which she was baptized into the Catholic faith. Rannah worked for 7 months in an established deaf school in Uganda’s capital city before discer