The Decision

The Decision

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The Decision – Capitalism Redefined – Nick Hanauer
February 03, 2018

Nick Hanauer, one of Seattle’s best known venture capitalists and civic activists, discusses his mission to redefine the core tenets of capitalism.

The Decision – Go Slow to Go Fast – Brett Alston and Brett Clifton of RedCloud Consulting
December 08, 2017

Brett Alston and Brett Clifton, Managing Partners of RedCloud Consulting – recently named the fastest growing private company in Washington State – discuss their values-based approach and how they’ve carved out a contrarian path in ...

The Decision – Trust Your Crazy Ideas – Rashelle Tanner of Microsoft
November 12, 2017

Rashelle Tanner, Attorney with the Office of Legal Compliance at Microsoft, walks us through her “crazy idea” that led to a wholly new approach to company-wide training in ethical decision making, what she learned about ...

The Decision – Sustainability Is a Journey – Jacqueline Drumheller of Alaska Airlines
August 13, 2017

Jacqueline Drumheller, Sustainability Manager at Alaska Airlines, offers a frank analysis of the successes and challenges of sustainability leadership in the airline industry.

The Decision – Give First – Brett Greene and Red Russak of New Tech Northwest
August 11, 2017

Brett Greene and Red Russak, cofounders of New Tech Northwest, talk about the role a “give first” ethic played in helping New Tech Northwest become a beacon in the Seattle tech community — and the ...

The Decision – Keep Clam and Hire Optimists – Bob Donegan and Patrick Yearout of Ivar’s
August 08, 2017

Bob Donegan (President) and Patrick Yearout (Director of Recruiting and Training) of Ivar’s detail how conscious capitalist principles helped them overcome a major disruption to their flagship location on Seattle’s waterfront.