The Data Wranglers

The Data Wranglers

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Season Finale – Data Minds Tell How They Earned It
March 03, 2022

In the season finale, Data Wranglers Joe Hellerstein and Jeffrey Heer tell all about what it takes to wrangle a venture into success. Trifacta CEO Adam Wilson talks with them about how they did it, h

Machine Learning with Carlos Guestrin
February 24, 2022

What keeps an Apple developer up at night? Meet Carlos Guestrin -- decorated professor of Computer Science at Stanford and former Senior Director of AI and Machine Learning at Apple. Carlos talks with

Cloud Databases with Sailesh Krishnamurthy
February 10, 2022

What are the fastest-growing cloud databases, and why? Sailesh Krishnamurthy talks with Data Wranglers Joe Hellerstein and Jeffrey Heer about the massive cloud databases he has managed, including his

Better Data Science in Marketing with Zack Pike
February 03, 2022

Would you save $50 billion -- if you had it? Data can help to reduce marketing waste. Zack Pike, founder of Magnetic Data Science, and veteran of the marketing analytics industry, talks to Data Wrang

The Modern Data Stack with Sarah Catanzaro
January 27, 2022

How does data relate to pirates? Sarah Catanzaro, a partner at Amplify Partners, talks to Data Wranglers Joe Hellerstein and Jeffrey Heer about whats new and exciting in the modern data stack, machin

Data Science with DJ Patil
January 20, 2022

How do you unleash the power of data to benefit all Americans? DJ Patil became the first U.S. Chief Data Scientist under President Obama, and discusses with The Data Wranglers Joe Hellerstein and Jef

Tidy Data with Hadley Wickham
January 13, 2022

What is the Tidyverse and why is it important? Hadley Wickham is a leading data scientist and advocate for improving data science with tidy data and data hygiene. Hes the Chief Scientist at RStudio

Data Trends and Fragmentation with Bill Hostmann
January 06, 2022

How will the pendulum swing in data engineering? Join Bill Hostmann, senior research fellow at Dresner Advisory Services, and Data Wranglers Joe Hellerstein and Jeffrey Heer as they talk about fragmen

2021 The Year in Data
December 23, 2021

Whats above the cloud? Learn whats hot and whats not, as The Data Wranglers Joe Hellerstein and Jeffrey Heer look back at the year in data. Facebook went down, SQL is back, and Hadoop is dead. Wha

Data with a Purpose with Moritz Stefaner
December 16, 2021

Meet Moritz Stefaner, a data designer who uses data for storytelling and who helped design the official German Covid-19 vaccine data dashboard. Moritz tells The Data Wranglers -- Jeffrey Heer and Adam