The Daily Plunge

The Daily Plunge

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Bouncing Demons (Luke 8:26-39)
October 15, 2020 Bouncing Demons. Jesus is confronted by a man overwhelmed with 10,000 demons. Wracked by demons he lives in a no mans land. Christ has authority over demons and he has authority any brokenness in your life. (Luke 8:26-39)

Bed On Fire (Luke 8:16-25)
October 14, 2020 Bed On Fire! Jesus tells us not to hide our light under a bed. He calls on you to listen carefully to his Word or even what Word you have will be taken from you. Recognize that when we are danger of sinking Christ’s Wor...

Hard, Shallow, Choked Spirits. (Luke 8:1-15)
October 12, 2020 Hard, Shallow, Choked Spirits. God the crazy farmer throws the seed of the Gospel everywhere. We only become good soil through the work of our good God. (Luke 8:1-15)

Don’t Love Little. (Luke 7:36-50)
October 08, 2020 Don’t Love Little. The virtue signalers didn’t appreciate Jesus having the wrong kind of people around him. Rather than bean counting Christ wants us to measure the excessive limit of God’s forgiveness. (Luke 7:36-50)

Want Someone Else. (Luke 7:18-35)
October 07, 2020 )Want Someone Else. Does Jesus come to redeem us or should we look for someone else? Look at the Kingdom signs flowing from him. Don’t stumble over Jesus but see God’s way is right through him. (Luke 7:18-35)

Desperate Dead. (Luke 7:1-17)
October 06, 2020 Desperate Dead. A Roman commander recognizes Jesus’ authority, recognizes he is unworthy but trust in the Word of Jesus. Will let ourselves be dead like the widow’s son so Jesus can us? (Luke 7:1-17)

Don’t Be Plank Eyed. (Luke 6:39-49)
October 05, 2020 Don’t Be Plank Eyed. When we are blind to our own spiritual and moral struggles we shouldn’t lead anyone. Don’t wait until stormy weather to build your life upon The Rock, the LORD. Don’t Be Plank Eyed

Outrageous Measuring Cup. (Luke 6:27-38)
October 03, 2020 Outrageous Measuring Cup. If we curse our enemies and only do good for our friends we are garden variety sinners. The credit to Christ is that he loves his enemies from the cross. (Luke 6:27-38)

Looking At His Disciples. (Luke 6:12-26)
October 02, 2020 Looking At His Disciples. Jesus goes off to pray and fast before choosing his apostles. His disciples see the power coming off Jesus to heal and cure people of impure spirits.

Sabbath For Shriveled Souls. (Luke 6:1-11)
October 02, 2020 Sabbath For Shriveled Souls. The Sabbath is a holy time. Our rules and boundaries don’t make it holy. Those help us to keep the focus. To draw close and let the intimacy with the Lord heal us. (Luke 6:1-11)