Core Confidence Life Personal Development

Core Confidence Life Personal Development

Female Fitness coach answers raw questions about what women want in dating, relationships and sex

November 16, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutesOn this interview we talk to fitness coach, Maggie Dong. We explore all areas of what women want in a relationship and how to make sex the best it can be. Maggie has years of experience working with women, and she is bringing that knowledge to the show to give men a heads up on how to keep a hot bed as well as a great relationship. We talk openly and graphically about approaching women, intercourse, penis size, orgasms, and more.

* How should a man aproach a woman?
* What do women really find attractive?
* How long should a couple wait before sex?
* Does penis size matter?
* Why do some women fake orgasms?
* What’s up with “Friends With Benafits”?

Guest: Fitness and Life Coach and Podcaster, Maggie Dong
Maggie Dong is a fitness and life coach who helps women master their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness, so they can attract the relationships and lifestyle they desire. Maggie started her personal development journey when she wanted to get in shape. But when she reached her body goals, she noticed that something was still missing from her life. After diving deeper into her personal growth,