Core Confidence Life Personal Development

Core Confidence Life Personal Development

The 4 flying Personalities, Which one are you. Eagle, Parrot, Owl, Dove

September 14, 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minuteOn this interview, we speak to Merrick Rosenberg. Many of us enjoy a good personality test. Things like MBTI, DISC and others like astrology are things many of us have heard about or done. Merrick has a personality system that can work magic. He outlines the four personality types from his model. Parrot, Eagle, Owl, Dove. Its a different way of looking at the DISC assessment. Find out which one are you, what it means, how you can tell what bird somebody else is, and even predict US presidential elections with these winged wonders! What bird is Dennis? What bird is Merrick?
Guest: Author, Teacher, Speaker: Merrick Rosenberg
Website” WWW.TakeFlightLearning.COM

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