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The Confluence

Ep. 11: ‘This just isn’t right’

September 15, 2017

When he ran for mayor in 2010, Naheed Nenshi campaigned on 12 better ideas for Calgary.

“Better idea number one is about secondary suites,” Nenshi said in a 2010 campaign video before he won council’s top job. “This is one of those areas where our city council could have acted decisively so long ago and they just haven’t.”

But after seven years with Nenshi at its helm, council still hasn’t acted decisively on the issue.

On this episode, host Annalise Klingbeil interviews Nenshi about secondary suites.

The pair talk about why the mayor has failed on his 2010 campaign promise to legalize suites, what he would go back and do differently, and just how much time council spends on the painstaking process of approving secondary suite applications one by one. Think of it as part 2 to last week’s Secondary Suites 101 episode.

As always, Kerianne Sproule makes us sound great. And, your feedback, advice, ideas, shares and iTunes reviews are appreciated.

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