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The Bob Davis Podcasts

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I’ll-Take-The-Artists-Way-Bob Davis Podcast 1029
November 30, 2021

I’ll Take The Artists Way Above all I’ll take The Artists Way. Therefore I’ll-Take-The-Artists-Way-Bob Davis Podcast 1029 is about how creative businesses may not respond to the usual business advice.

Walking-Nomad-Labyrinth-Bob Davis Podcast 1028
November 22, 2021

Walking The Nomad Labyrinth Above all travel is a meditation so walking the nomad labyrinth is what it’s all about. What’s a labyrinth? Learn more in Walking-Nomad-Labyrinth-Bob Davis Podcast 1028. Mi

Lunar-Eclipse-Radio-Bob Davis Podcast 1027
November 16, 2021

Lunar Eclipse Radio Firstly some experts say the upcoming Lunar Eclipse might break things. We’ll talk about it in Lunar-Eclipse-Radio-Bob Davis Podcast 1027. Chaos Secondly I don’t think anyone can a

Wearing-Arizona-Out-Bob Davis Podcast 1026
November 09, 2021

Wearing Out Arizona Firstly I am wearing Arizona out right now. High fuel prices means spending more time in individual states. Learn more in Wearing-Arizona-Out-Bob Davis Podcast 1026. Got A Thing Se

Celebrating-One-Year-As-Nomad-Bob Davis Podcast 1025
October 31, 2021

Celebrating One Year As A Nomad Above all finding the right time and place to celebrate one year as a nomad is a challenge. Sooner or later you just have to record. Therefore listen to the celebration

Inflation-For-Nomads-Bob Davis Podcast 1024
October 24, 2021

Inflation For Nomads You might think inflation for nomads is something we don’t think about. However we nomads might be in the best position to deal with inflation. Learn more in Inflation-For-Nomads-

Bougie-Sedona-Arizona-Bob Davis Podcast 1023
October 20, 2021

Bougie Sedona Arizona Firstly if you like spas, hair and nails, pretentious art and Tortellini then Bougie Sedona Arizona is for you. Learn more in Bougie-Sedona-Arizona-Bob Davis Podcast 1023. A Gene

Shortage-Lies-Damn-Lies-Bob Davis Podcast 1022
October 12, 2021

Shortage Lies and Damn Lies Firstly I don’t know whether the shortage predictions will come true at some future date. But what I am hearing on the news doesn’t jibe with what I am seeing all across Am

The-Great-California-Reset-Bob Davis Podcast 1021
October 09, 2021

Why I Needed The Great California Reset Certainly my travel can be too ambitious which is why I needed the great California reset. Above all exhausted after a massive near thousand mile circle through

Coping-With-Setbacks-Shortages-Bob Davis Podcast 1020
September 30, 2021

Coping With Setbacks and Shortages Above all no one ever said coping with setbacks and shortages is easy. You can let shortages and setbacks ruin the travel vibe or stay in the flow. Learn about my la