The Bloodlust

The Bloodlust

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160 | Session 9
October 18, 2020

The gals are all fans of this one from way back. Let's see what our token dude thought of it

159 | She Dies Tomorrow
October 04, 2020

Who's up for some existential angst?

158 | The Vast of Night
September 20, 2020

Ah yes, America's Golden Age. That grand time when it was legall to beat your wife and black kids and white kids couldn't go to school together

157 | Come to Daddy
September 06, 2020

The Aphex Twin video is way scarier than this, but scares aren't really the aim of the movie

156 | Host
August 23, 2020

These folks have used their quarantine time to make a movie. And to think I felt accomplished for rearranging my bookshelves

155 | The Rental
August 09, 2020

Kind of nice to have all these hellish vacation movies since we're all stuck at home

154 | Relic
July 26, 2020

Would you help granny, dear? Some of her skin fell off

153 | Antrum
July 12, 2020

Warning: Bloodlust Ventures claims no responsibility for any accidents incurred during/after the viewing of this movie

Bloodlust Bites | Shirley
July 06, 2020

Check it out, a new Bites episode!

152 | The Wretched
June 28, 2020

Good news! The neighbor kid you caught peeping in your window isn't a pervert, he just thinks you're a monster.