The Bend

The Bend

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Outdoor Real Estate, Archery Season, Listener Interaction & Lots More!
September 19, 2021

Have you considered purchasing recreational property or relocating all together to the Backcountry? We talk with Hayden Outdoors Real Estate on what to keep in mind. We have updates from the field, ou

Hunting Prep, Outdoor News, Active Youth & So Much More!
September 12, 2021

With hunting seasons upon us, we hear how in one part of the country the drought is believed to have aided the antler growth. We spotlight folks in the field doing some amazing adventures, have the la

Fishing Alaska, Outdoor News & So Much More!
August 29, 2021

Summer may be coming to an end but that does not mean the fun ends. We head to Alaska where they are open for business and say to start planning your 2022 fishing expedition now! We have the latest ou

Advocating for Ag & Conservation, Important Dates, Gator Intrusions & Lots More!
August 22, 2021

With fall hunting seasons just around the bend, we’ve got important dates and changes.  We spotlight an educator making the outdoors a priority and share how us two ranch kids are advocating for agric

Summer Camp, Squid Jigging, Outdoor News & So Much More
August 15, 2021

As the summer wraps up, that does not mean camp destinations for kids have to.  We hear how the Blue Ridge Ranch is planning to offer something for everyone year around. We spotlight a fan that introd

Backcountry Montana, State Parks, Summer Tricks & Lots More!
August 08, 2021

We hear how our guest moved to the backcountry of Montana and discovered just how rewarding Hiking could be in life’s journey. We spotlight our country’s State Parks system, highlight State Parks to c

Discovering Montana Part 1, Tent, Tents, Tents & So Much More
August 01, 2021

Have you considered moving to the backcountry? A fan and listener tells how he adjusted to the new terrain. We spotlight our country’s newest national park, and have a backpacking tent tip you won’t w

A Navy Vet Gives Back Through The Outdoors, Backcountry Outfitting & Lots More!
July 25, 2021

We hear how one Navy Veteran is setting hooks, keeping tight lines and building new friendships in the outdoors with other veterans. We Spotlight a western backcountry outfitter, and it’s National Ice

Conservation in the Outdoors, Predator Control, & So Much More
July 18, 2021

From ranching to conservation, hear how the two worlds are more alike than one thinks. We showcase a monster caught out in the field, we have the latest outdoor news and share how to be ready if one c

Full Time RVing, The Sure Can, Outdoor News & Lots More
July 11, 2021

Full Time RVing, thought or dreamt about it but have wondered what does it take? We have a couple that has been doing it for years to answer those questions. We spotlight a fan from the field and have