The Bee's Knees

The Bee's Knees

Revision Knee Replacement (Sarah’s 20 Year Journey Back)

October 02, 2020

Revision Knee Replacement

We are so pleased to share this interview from The Bee's Knees Podcast and KNEE RADIO 1. Podcast host Mary Elliott interviews Sarah Lisieki, an RN in Michigan, about her 20-year journey back to mobility.

Sarah's 20-Year Journey

As you will hear in the interview above, Sarah's trouble started with a running injury as she was preparing for a potential Olympic bid. A timeline for Sarah's knee trouble and eventual revision knee replacement.

* Running Injury at Age 19
* "Countless Arthroscopies (10+)
* Total Knee Replacement 2014
* Revision Knee Replacement Spring 2020
* Rehab and Recovery Summer 2020

Dr. Robert Ference
Dr. Ference performs approximately 1,000 minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries every year.
To learn more about Dr. Robert Ference and his surgery practice in Southeast Michigan, click here: Great Orthopedic Surgeons
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