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Revision TKA (Sandie’s Five Year Journey)

August 07, 2020

Revision TKA (Sandie's Five Year Journey)

An interview with Sandie Achor
It took Sandie five full years to get this knee done. As of today, August 4, Sandie has a clean bill of health for her knee from her surgeon. A big accomplishment and a huge sigh of relief.

Revision TKA and Never-Ending Rehab
We are so pleased to share this interview with Sandie Achor for The Bee's Knees Podcast and KNEE RADIO 1. Her story is something to hear: we do not want to ruin the experience by jotting it all down in this blog. However we do want to share the big lessons that Sandie has for us should you want to simply cut to the chase. So here goes.

Revision TKA - Sandie's Lessons for Us
In the course of our 45-minute long conversation, Sandie had some really valuable advice for anyone deailing with a Total Knee Replacement or Revision TKA.

* An X-ray is good, an MRI tells the real story
* The first weeks after surgery are crucial to your success
* Don't give up during the first year after surgery should things not be right
* Get the right tools around you like proper icing and devices like The X10
* Surround yourselves with love and support: friends and family can cook, clean chat while you focus on your knee
* Eye of the Tiger: Be tough, even if that is not your nature. Perseverance is the key to getting better after surgery.

KNEE RADIO 1 (powered by The Bee's Knees Podcast)
This interview is available exclusively on The Bee's Knees Podcast and on KNEE Radio 1, a new radio station engineered to help the millions of knee surgery patients each year. You can listen to KNEE RADIO 1 right here: KNEE RADIO 1

And I think that is again, a reason why patients with X10 are successful because they know where they're at at all times and they get that feedback in real time.

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