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A Daily Money Manager for You? (NYFO’s Peter Gordon)

February 25, 2020

A Daily Money Manager
Peace of Mind After Your Knee Surgery

An interview with Peter Gordon
My company is called New York Financial Organizers ( We are Daily Money Managers.

Daily Money Managers help people manage their cashflow, manage their households, pay their bills, handle insurance claims. We don't manage money in a classical sense, but we do help people with the often confusing and overwhelming aspects of their financial lives. We're not financial advisors, we're not accountants. We allow people to have the freedom of knowing how much money they have, they're earning, how much is coming in, where it's going, and how much is left over at the end of the month. And if you need to get an infusion of capital or have an excess on hand to invest.

Most of our clients are seniors; we generally work with people who have some cognitive issues or having trouble staying up with the bills and the insurance claims that they used to handle without a problem. As we age, our executive decision-making may not be what it once was. We're often brought in by the adult children of seniors who have been helping their parents and are having a hard time of it. We're also referred by other professionals in the senior services industries. That would include elder care attorneys, geriatric care managers, and home health care agencies, among others.

How I Became a Daily Money Manager
The way I became involved in this industry is the way most people who do daily money management get involved. I did this for my parents 12 years ago. My father became ill and we didn't know how to help him. My brother, sister and I were very concerned with my mother taking care of him, which she just couldn't do. And through a lot of networking, which I did at the time when I was in a completely different industry, I met someone who told me about geriatric care managers.

Geriatric care managers help people navigate the often-difficult waters of geriatric care. This experience really changed the lives of me, my sister, my brother and my mom because it gave us a direction. We learned how to handle my father's medical issues.

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