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2024 Knee Replacement? Start Here.

December 09, 2023

Quick Summary
Tools, resources, articles related to knee replacement surgery and recovery here. We cover meeting with your surgeon and questions to ask, pre-surgery email series, the many resources in our KNEE LIBRARY and a number of patient accounts of their recoveries. 2020 Knee Replacement advice here.

Is this for you?
If you or someone you know is even just thinking about knee replacmeent this is the article you want to read and share. Millions of people do this surgery each year, but you want to go in to it "eyes wide open." This article helps allay fears and prepare you for a life-changing event.

2020 Knee Replacement

We have nine musts here for anyone planning on knee surgery recovery. You may want to bookmark this page for future use as it will be valuable all through the process of having a knee replaced. So, let's get started.

Online Knee Assessments - Should You Have a Knee Replacement
The short written test will give you some answers and guidance when it comes to knee replacement surgery. There are twelve questions. Carefully consider your answers. You cannot go back and change them once you have made your selection. You do not need to share your name or email address. Although, if you do, we will send you some helpful information about knee replacement and recovery.
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Questions to Ask Your Surgeon
To be honest we don’t care how impressive your surgeon is. How esteemed is his schooling. And how many of your friends told you to pick one particular surgeon. This is your knee and recovery problems come from even the most recognized surgeons. We have first-hand experience with patients from the biggest name surgeons out there. Be confident and persistent and inquisitive… make sure you get all your questions answered.
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THE KNEE LIBRARY is Open 24 Hours. You don’t knee a library card and you never need to return a book. All we ask is that you learn about your knee, surgery alternatives, and the best surgery and recovery solution for you. We want you to be the smartest person on the block when it comes to knee health. To get started read the paragraph below.