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Knee Surgery Recovery for Athletes

October 30, 2019

Knee Surgery Recovery for Athletes
An Interview with Ron Boyd: 'Knee Surgery Recovery for Athletes'.
Plus bonus coverage of Effie Koliopoulus' efforts to bring awareness to invisible illness: 'I am invisible more.' To listen to the podcast that contains both interviews, click on the Play Button above.

I am Invisible No More
An awareness campaign created by Effie Koliopoulus
Effie has been working not his project for more than two years. The goal is to created broad awareness of conditions that to the casual observer appears to be non-existent, or invisible. Conditions like fibromyalgia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome... even migraine headaches. You might even call it a "don't judge a book by it's cover" initiative.

To see Parts 2 and 3 of 'I am invisible no more' use the links below:

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* I am Invisible No More Part 3

To learn more about Effie's work related to rheumatoid arthritis visit her website and blog here: Rising Above RA

Knee Surgery Recovery for Athletes
The recovery story of Mr. Ron Boyd

Editor's Note: Ron carefully prepared for his knee replacement surgery. He learned a lot from his wife's recovery from total knee replacement and put his new knowledge to work. An highly active person, Ron's expectations were very high for his ability to get back to athletics after surgery.

A Windsurfing Accident
In the summer of 1991 I injured my right knee while windsurfing. One of my favorite pastimes was sailing over the water at high speed. My injury was not a tear of the ACL, but a severe stretching of the ligaments of my right knee. The EMT informed me that if I had not been wearing a wetsuit that fit very snuggly, my knee would have ended up in the next county!

Fast forward to the spring of 2019. While skiing in Austria with our family my wife Carol and I were discussing our desire to get both of our knees fixed so we would not have the constant pain. Carol had a knee injury when young, and also had been putting up with pain for many years. Upon visiting with Dr. Verner, Carol learned that she was a candidate for Total Knee replacement. I followed up with an appointment as well and discovered that I also should schedule for the same surgery. I discovered that I had no remaining meniscus in my knee and that the bone on bone condition was the cause of my pain.

My Wife's Progress with X10
As I had already scheduled for Shoulder Replacement Surgery, we decided that Carol would have her knee done, followed by my shoulder 4 weeks later. Then after recovering from my shoulder, I would follow up with knee replacement 8 weeks later. All went well with Carol, and I helped her with her recovery. She had been selected to be a part of the trial of the X10 machine trial, and her progress was amazing! Just two weeks post surgery we were out walking at Kensington Metro Park. I was very pleased with her recovery and I inquired if I may be a part of the trial to aid in my recovery. Dr. Verner’s office was very helpful and agreed that I would also have the X10 to help me recover following surger...