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The Bee's Knees

The Importance of Building Strength After Knee Surgery

August 07, 2019

Building Strength After Knee Surgery
featuring Lisa Alarcon

Strength After Knee Surgery
You know that whole use it or lose it, that's real. That really happens.
If you don't move, that muscle is going to contract. It's going to stay short because that's all it's ever had to do. And that's why sometimes strengthening after a knee replacement takes longer, because you didn't have that range of motion before. If you had a knee and that knee was only bending to 70º, then the quadriceps knew that it had to work from 70º to 0º and that's all the quadriceps had to do. And the hamstrings only pulled the knee back to 70º. They didn't pull it back any further.

Getting Your Muscles to Fire Again
So those muscle fibers that exist after 70º on either side of the joint, they're on vacation and they like being on vacation. And when you ask them to start working again, it takes a little bit of time for them to remember what their goal was, what their target was, what their job is.
So we see that being able to kind of miss that mark, or miss that loss because we can get that range of motion faster.
We can get those muscle fibers to start firing a lot faster. Building strength after knee surgery can be the most important factor to your overall satisfaction with your recovery.

Strength on X10
In our patients that get to outpatient with the X10 who really were significantly limited in their range of motion prior, we're able to see that strengthening over that longer range happen faster. This is because with the X10 we can focus specifically on this particular range and be very accurate with it because of how we can set the machine.

The X10 Meta-Blog
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