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November 04, 2021

Mari I only wanted an easy life Written by Jackie Carreira Directed by Zoe Cunningham and Emmeline Braefield Starring Geraldine Brennan as Mari Anthony Young as Derek and Molly Wilkes, Toby Wilkes

No Harm Done
October 21, 2021

Happy Hallowe'en! Here is our spooky offering for the season 'No Harm Done' Written by Tom Jordan Directed by Danielle Lade With Tom Jordan as Elliott and Jack Gavin as James and all other char

October 07, 2021

Explorers Scientific Integrity Written by Barbara Jennings Directed by Emmeline Braefield Starring: Genevieve Swift as Diana Helen Fullerton as Dame Edith Tom Eastwood as Aidan And AJ Deane as H

September 23, 2021

She just wants to make a phone call. Written by Nigel Foster Performed by Chloe Wade Music: First Love by Wayne Jones Produced by Cat on a Piano Productions The Theatrephonic Theme Tune was

September 09, 2021

'Ilsa' I should like to know more about you. Written by Victorine Pontillon Directed by Emmeline Braefield Starring Heath Netherton as Ilsa and John Cooper-Evans as Stefan Music: Just Us League

Real Beauty
August 26, 2021

CW/ Strong Language It's a REAL HORSE! Written by Tilly Lunken Directed by Emmeline Braefield Starring Gareth Turkington as Johnson Honey McKenna as Anna Robert Penny as Nick and Lydia Kenny as Joe

Anniversary Episode - Shadow of a Dream
August 19, 2021

Fourth and final of our special Anniversary episodes: Shadow of a Dream Writing a song to please a Queen Written by Nigel Foster Directed by Emmeline Braefield With Matt Salmon as Thomas Fynes Pet

Anniversary Episode - Triumvirate
August 17, 2021

Fourth of our special Anniversary episodes: Triumvirate Zaza has another mission, but this time, he has to take colleagues Written by Joanne Toon Directed by Emmeline Braefield With Jackson Pentlan

Anniversary Episode - In the West
August 15, 2021

Third of our special anniversary episodes: In the West Bein’ a gunslinger in the Wild West ain’t easy. Listen to the end for bloopers! Written by Emmeline Braefield Directed by Lydia Kenny With Pi

Anniversary Episode - Q
August 12, 2021

Second of our Anniversary Episodes: Q I spy, with my little eye. Written by Lydia Kenny Directed by Emmeline Braefield With Sally Hyde Lomax as Aria Zoe Cunningham as Monique And Emmeline Braefiel