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Anabolic Mind

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14. Legendary Turntablist and Multi-Genre DJ Lord
June 15, 2022

Dj LORD is a key member of Public Enemy and Prophets of Rage, legendary turntablist and multi-genre Dj. His style is a unique combination of precision cuts, lots of bass and unexpected mixes that keep

13. Queen Of Bamenda, Naomi Achu
June 07, 2022

In the 13th episode of The Anabolic Mind Show, Mark Jenkins sits down with "The Queen of Bamenda" Naomi Achu to share her journey with Health and Wellness. - Connect with and JOIN FREE COMMUNITY 

12. How to Deal with Tough Times & Impossible Situations with Arjan Erkel
May 24, 2022

In the 12th episode of The Anabolic Mind Show, @markjenkins sits down with a great friend, Aryan Erkel to discuss how he was able to overcome so much in his life and how he uses that to inspire millio

11. Addressing Mediocrity with Chris Ross
April 18, 2022

@markjenkins sits down with a business partner, entrepreneur @lordchrisross to address mediocrity and why so many people refuse to level up in all aspects of life. - Please LIKE

10. The Best Version of YOU with Ashley Borden
April 12, 2022

Ashley Borden is one of the most sought-after fitness experts in her field as a master personal trainer and business coach. Having accrued over 44,000 hours in the fitness industry, Borden attributes

9. Thin Energy with Mike Gardner
April 05, 2022

In the 9th episode of Anabolic Mind Show, @markjenkins sits down with his guy, Mike Gardner /// CEO of Thin Energy - Connect:

8. Learn How to Get Over "I Got it" with Elayne Fluker
March 29, 2022

In the 8th episode of Anabolic Mind Show, Mark Jenkins interviews someone not afraid to ask for assistance. Life lessons from author/ lifestyle Coach and fitness enthusiast Elayne Fluker. - Elayne gre

7. Hard Work and Wellness with PR Legend, Barbara Sanchez
March 22, 2022

In the 7th episode of Anabolic Mind Show, @markjenkins  interviews publicist to the stars Barbara Sanchez on how she developed her incredible work ethic and her health and wellness journey. - Barbara

6. From Corporate to Wellness with Kristy Kuhl
March 15, 2022

In the 6th episode of Anabolic Mind Show, Mark Jenkins interviews wellness ambassador, mentor, speaker, powerhouse, and close friend, Kristy Kuhl. Stay tuned for her new show also presented by WINJECT

5. Mark Jenkins Interviews Staten Island Native, Mack Wilds
March 08, 2022

In the 5th episode of Anabolic Mind Show, Mark Jenkins interviews Staten Island Native, Singer, Actor, Athlete, Multi-talented, Mack Wilds. - Tristan Paul Mack Wilds is an American actor, singer-songw