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The American Playbook

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"Gun Play" by Dale Dunn
December 02, 2019

Playwright Dale Dunn shares "Gun Play," originally produced at the Fusion Theater in Albuquerque, presented in 2019 at the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, and translated into French for the Tout’ Tout Court Festival in Montreal. 

"Down and Brown Thanksgiving" by Elizabeth Isela Szekeresh
November 18, 2019

Join playwright and poet Elizabeth Isela Szekeresh for a very special holiday episode: "Down and Brown Thanksgiving."Support Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble at Xochil - Adriana A...

"Running in Circles Screaming" by Jeni Mahoney
November 04, 2019

Jeni Mahoney shares her short play "Running in Circles Screaming," which appears in the collection Best Short American Plays 2006-2007, along with a riveting conversation on life and playwriting.CAST: Louise - Ann ZárateHeat...

"I Love You" by Nina Ki
October 21, 2019

Playwright Nina Ki explores masculinity and affection in her short play "I Love You." CAST: Charles - Tyquan Payne Dad - Tom Coash Stage Directions - Joshua Noble 

BONUS EPISODE: A Conversation with Jordan Ramirez Puckett
October 14, 2019

Jordan Ramirez Puckett discusses her award-winning play “A Driving Beat” at the Playwrights Foundation in San Francisco. CAST: Mateo - Jed Parsario Diane - Ann Zárate Reina - Laura Espino Stage Directions ...

"A Driving Beat" by Jordan Ramirez Puckett
October 07, 2019

Jordan Ramirez Puckett shares her award-winning full-length play “A Driving Beat” at the Playwrights Foundation in San Francisco. Mateo - Jed Parsario Diane - Ann Zárate Reina - Laura Espino Stage Directions -...

Ep. 9: “By Sarah, Age 24” by Lane Michael Stanley
September 23, 2019

In “By Sarah, Age 24,” playwright Lane Michael Stanley shares their artistry in exploring representation and relationship through theater. Support Lane’s current project, ADDICT NAMED HAL, inspired by their real-life experiences living in a halfway hou...

Ep. 8: “Tower Tatts” by Adrienne Dawes
September 09, 2019

In this episode, award-winning playwright Adrienne Dawes shares her short play “Tower Tatts.”   CAST: Natty –  Joshua Noble Weasel – Michael Reyna  Stage Directions – Ann Zárate

Ep. 7: “A Standing Ovation” by Alex Rubin
August 26, 2019

In a “A Standing Ovation,” Alex Rubin shares a short play that’s at once hilarious and heartfelt, revelatory and risqué. CAST: Laura – Ann Zárate  Dennis – Michelangelo Milano  Stage Directions – Siobhan Gilbert 

Ep. 6: “Raghead” by Tom Coash
August 12, 2019

Award-winning playwright Tom Coash explores competing perspectives and identities in his short play “Raghead.”   CAST:  Sarah – Ann Zárate  Nick – Michelangelo Milano  Stage Directions – Jeni Mahoney