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70 - Jake 'Eighth Grade & Uncut Gems' Ryan Interview
June 29, 2020

Lee is joined by actor Jake Ryan to discuss his unforgettable starring role as Gabe in Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade. Jake shares his experiences working with Wes Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom and Isle of Dogs, The Coen Brothers and recently with the...

69 - Skin & Share
June 22, 2020

Lee and Dallas look at two A24 films that started as acclaimed short films, Skin and Share. Skin features Jamie Bell as a destitute young man, raised by racist skinheads and notorious among white supremacists, turns his back on hatred and violence...

68 - Joshua 'Menashe' Z. Weinstein Interview
June 15, 2020

Lee is joined by independent filmmaker Joshua Z Weinstein and the writer/director of Menashe, the story of a widower within Brooklyn’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community who battles for custody of his son.

67 - Midsommar & The Farewell
June 08, 2020

Dallas and Lee turn their attention to two of the most popular films in the A24 filmography, Midsommar and The Farewell. Ari Aster's Midsommar follows a couple who travel to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid-summer festival. What...

66 - Elanna 'First Reformed' White Interview
June 01, 2020

Lee is joined by by actress Elanna White to discuss her experience and perfomance as an Abundant Life church choir singer in Paul Schrader's First Reformed.

65 - The Souvenir & The Last Black Man In San Francisco
May 25, 2020

Dallas and Lee turn their attention to a fantastic double feature of The Souvenir and joining us is Kelechi Ehenulo to discuss The Last Black Man In San Francisco and we hear from its co-writer and director, Joe Talbot who we interviewed last year at...

64 - Rebecka 'Midsommar' Johnston Interview
May 18, 2020

Lee is joined by Midsommar's Rebecka Johnston to discuss her performance as Ulrika in Ari Aster's film. Rebecka takes us behind the scenes and shares her experiences working on the incredible Hårga village set, shooting the unforgettable sex...

63 - Native Son & Under The Silver Lake
May 11, 2020

Dallas and Lee turn their attention to Native Son and welcome Brianna Zigler to review Under The Silver Lake and the films composer Disasterpeace to take us behind the scenes of David Robert Mitchell's film. In A24 Hour News we discuss the Under...

62 - David Lowery Interview 'A Ghost Story' & 'The Green Knight'
May 04, 2020

Lee is joined in lockdown by filmmaker and the writer/director of A Ghost Story and The Green Knight, David Lowery for a deep dive behind the scenes discussion.

61 - Gloria Bell & High Life
April 27, 2020

Lee and Dallas continue their journey through the A24 filmography by reviewing Gloria Bell and High Life. In A24 Hour News, we discuss Dallas going viral with his homemade Uncut Gems board game and we preview next weeks interview with A Ghost Story...