Level Up Your Course Podcast with Janelle Allen: Create Online Courses that Change Lives

Level Up Your Course Podcast with Janelle Allen: Create Online Courses that Change Lives

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Writing Copy & Case Studies that Work for You with Joel Klettke
June 17, 2020

What’s up everyone! We’re back this week with Joel Klettke, the founder of Business Casual Copywriting and Case Study Buddy. Joel has created very successful workshops and courses and he’s here to talk copywriting, course creation, and growing a client ba

LUYC 129: Is YouTube Worth it for Course Creators?
May 27, 2020

Hey family! I hope you are doing well. This week, we’re talking about another growth strategy: YOUTUBE. It actually took me six months to launch my YouTube channel. It wasn’t that it’s especially difficult, but I procrastinated. I found that I was stuck

LUYC 128: You are the Magic with Janelle Allen
May 20, 2020

I shared something on Twitter recently: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but there is no magic genie that's going to help you start your thing. There is no moment when everything will feel easier. You just have to start. You are the magic. I believe

LUYC 127: Growth Strategies in the Wake of COVID-19 with Janelle Allen
May 13, 2020

Hey family! How is everything going with you? Today’s episode is a solo show. I’m trying to do more of these so I can check in, especially as we all navigate how the pandemic is changing the landscape of our lives and businesses. It’s nice to be able to t

LUYC 126: Make Podcasting Work for You with Tara McMullin
May 06, 2020

Hey, family! This week I’m joined by Tara McMullin, the founder and CEO of What Works, a top business podcast and community centered on the number one question business owners want answered. Tara is here to talk about her pivot from 1:1 consulting to faci

LUYC 125: Get Stronger with Python with Reuven Lerner
April 29, 2020

What’s up everyone! This week’s guest is Reuven Lerner, full-time Python trainer, computer scientist, and author of Python Workout. If you are doing courses because you have expertise and enjoy sharing it with other people, let that show. Reuven teache

LUYC 124: Pivot Strategies & Community Building with Alex Hillman
April 22, 2020

Hey family! This week brings you a special episode. Alex Hillman and I teamed up for a live podcast interview and Q&A as COVID-19 was starting to take a toll on business owners. This is a tough time for most of us. Some online entrepreneurs are seeing a

LUYC 123: Mastering Productivity & Virtual Consulting with Paul Minors
April 15, 2020

Hey everyone! This week I’m joined by Paul Minors, productivity expert, virtual consultant, and founder of PaulMinors.com. He is here to talk about his course, How to Become a Virtual Consultant, and how he helps businesses set up and use tools like Asana

LUYC 122: Teaching Rent 2 Rent Success with Stephanie Taylor
April 08, 2020

and HMO Heaven and creator of Rent 2 Rent Success Kickstarter. For your business to grow, you have to grow – dream bigger, be bolder, and be a game changer. Being a property investor, Stephanie believes in creating value for everyone she works with: te

LUYC 121 - Courses, Coronavirus, and YouTube: Q1 Recap with Janelle Allen
April 01, 2020

Hey family! I'm so excited to be back with you. It's been three months since the last episode because I took a bit of a hiatus. Thank you for hanging out and giving me the leeway to take that break and come back. In this solo episode, I’m going to repor