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The Watch-Men Episode 107: Netflix’s The Punisher
December 05, 2017

After successfully stealing the show from Matt Murdock in season two of Daredevil (I swear that isn’t a blind joke…), Marvel’s most kill-happy hero landed his own gritty series at Netflix. The Punisher is this week’s topic of conversation, as Matt and Sa

The Watch-Men Episode 106: Justice League
November 28, 2017

Well folks, here we go. It’s one of the Watch-men’s LEAST anticipated movies of the year. It’s Justice League. With the success of Wonder Woman behind them, Matt, Sam, Joyce, and Reg hoped DC could get their act together for this superhero team-up flick,

The Watch-Men Episode 104: Thor Ragnarok
November 12, 2017

With Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel decidedly ditches the serious, Shakespearean feel of the first two films and instead goes for  something much more… Goldblum-y. Now it’s up to Sam, Matt and Joyce to decide if the switch was a success and if Kiwi comedy

The Watch-Men Episode 103: Stranger Things 2 recap
November 12, 2017

Bigger, badder and with more nostalgia than ever, Stranger Things 2 is out now on Netflix. But will the countless references to James Cameron sequels be enough to win the Watch-men over on their second trip to the upside down? Binge-listen this episode t

The Watch-Men Episode 102: Stranger Things 2 Primer + Mindhunter Full Review
October 29, 2017

Sci-fi, sequels and the 1980s, what more could The Watch-men want? Stranger Things 2 dropped this Friday but before you binge let Sam, Matt and Joyce remind you what happened in the first go around in the upside down. In case that’s not enough, the

The Watch-Men Episode 101: Mindhunter
October 20, 2017

Ever wonder how the FBI developed the serial killer profiling techniques that allowed them to determine that Ted Cruz is IN FACT the Zodiac killer? Well, Netflix and David Fincher’s latest collaboration Mindhunter is sure to have all the answers. T

The Watch-Men Episode 100: Blade Runner 2049
October 16, 2017

Join the Watch-men as they celebrate their 100th episode by reviewing one of their most anticipated movies of the year, Blade Runner 2049. Itunes Pocket Cast Music cre

The Watch-Men Episode 99: Rick and Morty Season 3
October 10, 2017

Do you have an inexplicable craving for a promotional szechwan dipping sauce you’re too young to have ever tried? Are you cursed to be waaaay smarter than all your friends and family? Have you ever turned yourself into a pickle and had to explain w

The Watch-Men episode 98: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
October 02, 2017

With Star Trek: Discovery bringing Trek back to TV, the Watch-men have decided to stay in the ‘80s for a another week to review the series’ most famous film, The Wrath of Khan. Whether you’ve never seen any Trek, just want to relive peak Shatner, or simp

The Watch-Men Episode 96: It (2017)
September 16, 2017

It’s finally here… What is? It. …It? Ya, you know, It. What’s It? It is It! *sigh* Anyways, It floated into theatres last weekend to box office breaking numbers and Sam and Vincent have all the insight you’ll need about a film that features a shape