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#5: Conversion and Funnel Optimization for Bloggers – with Justin Rondeau - The Thought Seat
November 18, 2015

Join us on the Thought Seat - Episode 5 - as we interview Justin Rondeau, conversion optimization specialist at Digital Marketer. He'll talk about how you can multiply your opt in rates, your customer acquisition rates and other metrics through testing...

#4: How To Make Your Product Go Viral - with Tyler Coe of - The Thought Seat
November 02, 2015

Weeks after Tyler started the site, it was featured in New York Magazine, Mashable and other popular news sites. Tyler will share what steps he took to help the site go viral, as well as how he handled the traffic as it poured in.

#3: Facebook Marketing - How To Get 200% Your Organic Engagement - The Thought Seat
October 15, 2015

Learn how to dramatically boost your reach on Facebook from #CoffeeNate who averages 200% organic engagement on his blog's Facebook fanpage.

#2: Repurposing Content and New Changes In Social Media - The Thought Seat
October 09, 2015

Learn strategies for repurposing content across multiple social and content channels, and get updates on the latest changes in social media.

#1: Making Money With a Blog and Why You Need To Build Your List
October 01, 2015

Learn top strategies for monetizing your blog, and why you need to start building your email list from day 1.