The Ten Minute Life Lesson Podcast

The Ten Minute Life Lesson Podcast

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Not Knowing “The Right Way” Is An Asset (TMLL 139)
November 24, 2022

Learning skills when you are unsure of the ‘proper’ steps to follow is an asset since you don’t know what you don’t know, and you don’t fear doing the things that others have cast off as the wrong thi

Money Is Not The Fix To Every Problem, But Money Will Fix A Lot Of Problems (TMLL 138)
November 17, 2022

We as humans deal with too many daily issues that can not be simply resolved by throwing wads of cash at them. And then there are issues when throwing cash at them is the exact fix needed.

Start With An Open Mind, Be Willing To Close It Shut If Necessary (TMLL 137)
October 06, 2022

Every new person you meet is has lived a story they probably would like to tell, so be open at the beginning of the new possible relationship. But just like a terrible book or a boring streaming TV se

How To Keep Motivated When The Motivation Is Just Not There (TMLL 135)
September 25, 2022

You will spend more hours in your lifetime not wanting to complete tasks then you will energized to get things done. What do you do to will yourself to a motivated state when you just don't have the e

Personal Development Is Looking To The Future (TMLL 134)
December 02, 2021

The point of personal development is to bulid yourself for a possible future. That means looking towards a possible future you and asking the right questions to get you as close to there as possible.

Five Tips For Managing Family Gathering (TMLL 133)
November 25, 2021

Just in time for all the gatherings of families and friends for the holiday season, here are five tips for managing yourself to help survive those gatherings.

Taking The Path Of Least Resistance On Purpose (TMLL 132)
November 20, 2021

There will be plenty of hard choices to make and hard times to live through that will need you to be a hard charger. But if not, you dont always have to be.

On Will Smith & Working Too Many Projects (TMLL 131)
November 13, 2021

Will Smith is a very entertaining person becoming more polarizing as he shares more personal life details. It was two competing personal projects that led to a public proclamation, a very profound one

Being Boring On Purpose (TMLL 130)
August 26, 2021

I describe myself as boring on purpose. I do not believe I am a boring person, and I am rarely in a situation where I am bored. But I will choose a dull and eventful day that ends in peace over a da