The Tall Order

The Tall Order

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Modern News Media
November 20, 2015

Peter van Onselen explains how South African and African news media seem to follow the American and African way of covering news and the news stories. He explains the thinking behind and the business behind that thinking.

November 06, 2015

Peter van Onselen says that he is the eternal optimist. He tries to find good news all over, but as a news reporter, it becomes a little bit difficult. What do you feel?

The Rugby World Cup
October 23, 2015

Peter van Onselen is back from his trip the Rugby World Cup in England and only has good things to say. he calls on SA Rugby to get a standard War Cry for the matches, raves about the beer service and also chats about the refereeing at the tournament.

Those Springbok Fans
October 02, 2015

Peter van Onselen of ANN7 says it and he says it loudly. He does not like Springbok Rugby Fans. It takes a brave man to make that statement but as a brave news anchor, he takes a stand. Peter is off to England soon to watch the 2015 Rugby World Cup...

Tall Order - Back from Lagos
September 18, 2015

Peter van Onselen is back in South Africa with a new baby and a new appreciation of the country. He tells us about his experience in Nigeria when he went to find out more about the hostel collapse at T B Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Lagos Preview
September 03, 2015

Peter van Onselen looks ahead to his trip to Lagos to find out the truth about the building collapse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations. He looks back at the conspiracy theories as well as the possible causes.