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The Saucer AfterWife: The Janos People, Part 1
November 12, 2021

Episode Notes The Saucer Wife returns to share her thoughts and some questions on The Janos People: Part 1 and we have some questions from listeners as well. Some listener questions will be addressed in part 2 of the Janos episode, coming next week, where

The Janos People: Part 1
November 05, 2021

Episode Notes Is it an abduction tale? A contactee story? A little bit of both? Sure, why not! Over the course of the past couple weeks The Janos People: A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind by Frank Johnson has become my one of my favorite UFO books.\ To

Malaysian Creatures and Japanese Contactees- Reactions and Comments
October 29, 2021

Episode Notes Some good comments and questions from our recent episode on Malaysian Creatures and Japanese Contactees. Listen to this brief installment for a revelation of a coming episode, John Lear, and monster movies. As mentioned in the episode, there

Malaysian Creatures and Japanese Contactees
October 22, 2021

Episode Notes Today, we journey to the Eastern Hemisphere and look at some stories from Malaysia (tiny humanoids!) and Japan (Contactee Kids!). These resources are available from the amazing collection of the Archives for the Unexplained and I urge you to

Levelland- Reactions and Commentary
October 15, 2021

Episode Notes We have some feedback on our Levelland episode and some additional listener questions on Space Brothers and Space Diplomacy. Support The Saucer Life! Website: Twitter: @saucerlife Instagram: saucerlife Facebook Support The Sau

October 08, 2021

Episode Notes In this episode, we look at one of the seminal sighting events of the 1950s through the eyes of newspaper readers, the Air Force, and the UFO community. We're going to Texas and we're gonna encounter some weather. Along the way, I'll mention

Disclosure in the 90s Comments and Feedback- Strange Realities Preview
October 01, 2021

Episode Notes We answer some questions and respond to some comments about our recent episode on Disclosure in the 90s, then I'm joined by the guys behind Conspirinormal to look at the upcoming Strange Realities conference (at which I'll be speaking). Supp

Disclosure in the 90s
September 24, 2021

Episode Notes In this episode, we look at the early years of the so-called "disclosure" movement in the 1990s and some of the persistent narratives and figures that emerge. For more on this topic, check out our episodes on The Disclosure President and int

Contact with Koldas- Comments and Reactions
September 17, 2021

Episode Notes We've got some reader questions about our Contact with Koldas episode (and a lot of other stuff) and the Saucer Wife is back with her thoughts on the Koldasians, Christmas cake, and more. Support The Saucer Life! Website: Twit

Contact with Koldas
September 10, 2021

Episode Notes So in this episode, we're taking a look at UFO Contact from Planet Koldas, another contactee book from the editorship of Wendelle Stevens. It's an interesting one, in some ways but very, very long so... in lieu of exhaustive detail, we looke