The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

It's Booger Time

May 24, 2019


Jonathan Goolsby of Goolsby Customs joins the Gearheads for a very interesting episode sixty! We celebrate with talk of Dusters, late-model racing, red boogers and the only aftermarket wheel you'd really like to hug. A Goodguys Trendsetter for good reason, Jonathan talks early influences, development of a build style, and the value of not pigeon-holing a shop.

The guys get into a talk about nostalgia, flipping trends on their ear, and under-car neon lighting. If you thought that you were safe from ever hearing about the Aquarius wheel again, well, find your safe space...


  • Episode SIXTY!

  • The Kasper Duster
    – The interesting history behind the car
    – Taking design risks
    – Stepping outside of the comfort zone by using factory stuff on a custom car
    – "Not the typical Pro-Touring Car"

  • Talk turns to the lack of an overwhelming new trend
    – Where things are going
    – The segmentation of trends
    – Subtlety and modernization are more popular
    – Drivability versus a show-stopper
    – Finding balance in the patina trend

  • A discussion on horsepower

  • Brian proposes the flipped trend: Fiero-bodied supercars
    – The Fiero 4M4, a mid-engine, crew cab concept is pitched

  • The Lightning Round!

  • Guiding a client on a project

  • The ever-growing prices of G-bodies and third-gen Camaros

  • Goolsby and the Funky Bunch

  • Sticker Wars!

  • SEMA Thrash talk
    – Scheduling, show floor visibility and passion collide with no time
    – The current "multi-car build for SEMA" trend
    – SEMA build horror stories
    – The multi-trailer standby backup plan
    – Brian pitches the "Build it on the Road TO SEMA" competition
    – Alex comes up with an interior so tasty you'd eat it

  • Shop management
    – Building and maintaining a team
    – Having a team of eleven versus a one-man shop
    – Planning for expansion
    – Working within a talent pool

  • Involvement with the Goodguys YoungGuys Competition
    – A discussion of the passion of the young guys
    – Young welders and amazing TIG welding

  • Composite materials
    – Where to go after Carbon Fiber
    – Spot putty as a trend and re-hydrating bondo dust
    – Brian pitches carbon fiber teeth for Hockey and Boxing

  • The rich racing history of Hueytown
    – "I enjoy it greatly"

  • Asphalt VS dirt racing

  • A line of Goolsby Customs parts?
    – "Your silence is very telling"
    – "Come cuddle my wheels"

  • The Cobra Kai-fan wheel

  • Glue huffing meets interviews gone awry

  • "Drawing cars and making stupid puns"
    – "The Weeping Willys"

  • A discussion on when we may see the first late-model Street Machine of the Year

  • Things get sexy