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S10E20: The End
June 26, 2022

This is it, our final ever show. 10 years of shows we finish it with a massive show to hold you over until the Australia Cup comes around. We cover off on the Mens season thats been, including all of ours and your listener season predictions. Find out wh

S10 R3: The Roarcast Players Reviews - Forwards
June 20, 2022

Its the final of the player review shows as we countdown to our final ever episode. We finish up the player reviews with the forward line. Did we ever find a good solution. Eh listen to find out.  --- Send in a voice message:

S10 R2: The Roarcast Players Reviews - Midfielders
June 18, 2022

The player reviews keep on coming as we countdown to our final show. This time we turn our attention to the midfield where one mainstay was surrounding by an ever evolving cast. --- Send in a voice message:

S10 R1: The Roarcast Players Reviews - Goalkeepers and Defenders
June 16, 2022

We got the band together to complete the annual player review shows. First up, it's the miserly goalkeepers and defenders saving all those goals and keeping it tight at the back. --- Send in a voice message:

S10E19: Fuck Sydney Week Completed
May 18, 2022

Beating Sydney FC and Western Sydney in back to back games to end a pretty ordinary season? Yeah, we'll take that. Join Dave, Ben and Yoshiba as they break down the final two games of our season, announce an EXCLUSIVE about a particular players contract s

S10E18: Just time for one last Fuck Sydney
May 05, 2022

Yes lets go, lets screw over Sydney so they dont make finals. Oh WSW and the Nix have already done it. Oh well at least the seasons nearly done and we can move on, oh we now also must play our Australia Cup qualifier now and not in August. Oh. Anyway, w

April 21, 2022

It's a huge catch up show where we talk about [Redacted]--- Send in a voice message:

S10E16: A slice of cheese with your bang bang
April 06, 2022

Two more games fresh off the football field as we look back at the Nix and Jets game with vastly different fortunes. We think the debate on who is number 1 is done and dusted, plus our old friend VAR really likes to get involved or not you know, you do yo

S10E14: The Afghanistani Admiral Akbari
March 16, 2022

We take a bit of a detour from our regular style show to focus on wrapping up the dub season with a season review. Theyve played their last game so lets find out who was our player of the season, breakout player and game of the season and more. So youl

S10E13: International Dub Day
March 09, 2022

Its been a little while, but theres been some things happening of late as the 2020s keeps trying to one up themselves. So, we got the crew together to celebrate three dub wins in a row as the dub team continues to finish the season on a high note. At t