The Raise Up A Standard Podcast: Seeking the Creator / Hebrew Scriptures / Torah / True Health

The Raise Up A Standard Podcast: Seeking the Creator / Hebrew Scriptures / Torah / True Health

Latest Episodes

Rising Above Fear (Audio)
May 03, 2018

In this audio session, join me as I discuss the fascinating subject of "rising above fear." If we are to step into our potential, and connect with our original design, we will all need to face fears along the way, and learn to move forward anyway.

Pursuing Exponential Wisdom (Audio)
March 13, 2018

In this audio session, in the Raise Up A Standard podcast, we'll be primarily zeroing-in on the nature of authentic wisdom that aligns with the Creator and the design of the universe. Join me as I consider thoughts...

Discovering the Inward Self #7 – The Spiritual Garden
February 07, 2018

In this seventh session in the series "Discovering the Inward Self" we'll be weaving together the themes we have looked at thus far, as we delve into Genesis chapter two. It is so amazing to tap into the Divine insights...

Discovering the Inward Self #6 – Physical Realm of Possibility
December 28, 2017

As we are getting closer to the end of this series, we'll take a broader look at what it means to be a physical being, made in the image of the One Creator. In this particular session, we consider that, even in our physicality,

Discovering the Inward Self #5 – Cherubim and Our Design
December 17, 2017

This is an exciting session in our current audio series where we'll consider how the Cherubim, as described in Ezekiel, are amazing symbols that represent the Spiritual essence of the design of the human being.

Discovering the Inward Self #4 – In the Likeness
December 05, 2017

We're continuing on in the audio series, Discovering the Inward Self, and now beginning to take a look at what it means to be made "in the likeness" of God, as it speaks to us in Genesis One. When we delve into this particular topic of study,

Discovering the Inward Self #3 – In the Image (Audio)
November 30, 2017

This is the third session in the audio series: "Discovering the Inward Self." In this particular session we begin to delve into the Hebrew, in the context of the recorded details of the original design of the human being. We'll zero in...

Discovering the Inward Self #2 – Transformation is Possible (Audio)
November 27, 2017

This audio series is close to my heart. It means so much to me that the Creator of the Universe loves us so much, and that He is working with us and bringing us to a glorious place in Him. He is so much different than most have conceived Him to...

Discovering the Inward Self #1 – Introduction (Audio)
November 23, 2017

This audio session introduces an exciting new series: Discovering the Inward Self. In these audio recordings I am blessed to be able to share the insights that I have discovered through my personal in-depth studies. As usual with...

Is God Exclusive? Psalm 96 (Audio)
November 13, 2017

Is God Exclusive? In this audio session we'll be discussing the Biblical perspective from Psalm 96, and sharing thoughts that spring out of this beautiful psalm...