The Pool Guy Podcast Show

The Pool Guy Podcast Show

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Truth or Myth: "Chlorine Lock" with Rudy Stankowitz
October 15, 2020

Is Chlorine Lock in a pool for real?

Using Borates in your Pool & Acceptable Chemical Levels with Rudy Stankowitz
October 14, 2020

Are borates good to add to your pool?

Truth or Myth: "Can you Lower your pH without Lowering Total Alkalinity" with Rudy Stankowitz
October 13, 2020

Can you lower the pH without lowering the Alkalinity in a pool?

Lowering Your Pool’s CYA Level with Aluminum Sulphate Interview with Rudy Stankowitz
October 12, 2020

Lowering a pool's CYA level without draining it

Pool Leaf Canisters 101
October 09, 2020

Swimming pool suction side cleaner leaf canister overview

Protect Yourself Out on Your Pool Route – My Gear from Head to Toe
October 02, 2020

Protect your body out on your pool route