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The Pool Guy Podcast Show

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El Cheapo, How to Deal with Those Cheap Customers
May 12, 2022

That cheap customer can drive you nuts. I mean, how can anyone be that cheap? They can be! Whether it is trying to get you to match an online price or trying to get you to return a product because it was too expensive, cheap customers are here to stay. Le

Don’t be Lazy on Your Pool Route
May 11, 2022

It is normal to get a little lazy out there on your pool route. Everything that I talk about in this episode I have been guilty of. But laziness will always lead to more work and more problems. Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesale account toda

How the Drought Will Affect Your Pool Service
May 10, 2022

The drought is here on the West coast and it might be here to stay for years to come. Usually, a drought cycle will last 4-5 years and it affects your pool service business in many off-hand ways if not directly. I go over some things to be aware of in a d

Pool Surface Skimming Help – Devices to Make Your Life Easier
May 09, 2022

There is nothing worse than a pool with a lot of surface debris. The skimmer gets impacted and much of the debris ends up on the pool floor. But there is help for you and I will go over several devices to make your surface skimming a thing of the past. We

How to Insulate Your Business From a Recession
May 06, 2022

The talk today is all about a pullback in the economy. The pool industry is somewhat recession-proof but you can actually take steps to insulate your business from any type of economic downturn.Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesale account toda

Pool Business Matrix
May 05, 2022

Do you have everything in place to start your pool business? Or maybe you are already well on your way and have been in business for awhile but are missing one of these elements. Do you have a good pool business matrix set up to grow and market your pool

Are you making a “Real” profit in your pool service business?
May 04, 2022

It can be difficult sometimes to tell if your business is making a profit or not. With floating expenses and personal expenses are you truly making a profit in your business? Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesale account today! Customer referra

Will Prices Ever Drop?
May 03, 2022

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last two years you know that the pool industry has seen inflation upwards of 120% on some products. Will the prices ever come back down or is this the new normal?Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholes

Add More Chlorine Bro!
May 02, 2022

If you are trying to turn a cloudy or green pool around the problem might be that you are not adding enough chlorine. How much chlorine do you need? More than you probably think. Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesale account today! Customer ref

How Many Pools Can You Clean in One Day?
April 29, 2022

This is probably the most asked question and one that is very difficult to answer because of all of the variables, some out of your control. But I give it a shot based on my experience on my route. Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesale account