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The Pool Guy Podcast Show

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Paying it Forward as In Passing Cost Onto Your Customers in a Smart Way
July 01, 2022

Inflation feels much higher than the overall 8% that the general economy is facing. Over the past two years, we have seen 100% price increases in some products alone. What are some smart ways of passing the cost onto your customers? I go over those here f

Some More Typical Pool Service Rookie Mistakes That Everyone Makes
June 30, 2022

So many things can go wrong out there in the field when you are new. Many of those are just mistakes you make from being inexperienced out there. Here are some more blunders that I have done when I first got started. Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a

Some Drawbacks of Adding Borates to 50 PPM
June 29, 2022

Don’t get me wrong using borates in a pool has tremendous benefits. They are a natural algaestat and also help buffer the pH in a pool. But like everything they do have their drawbacks as well. Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesale account toda

Typical Pool Service Rookie Mistakes That Everyone Makes
June 28, 2022

When you're first starting out you will make mistakes. No doubt. Here are some of the things just about every pool guy and gal does as a rookie. Maybe by hearing these you can prevent making them yourself.Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholes

How Did my Predictions for The 2022 Season Pan Out?
June 27, 2022

In November of 2021, I made some predictions for the 2022 pool season. So far I think I was wrong about everything except the continued inflation, although that is for a different reason also. I go over how the 2022 season is shaping up thus far for you.L

These Are the Pools I would Pass On for Sure!
June 24, 2022

Taking every pool that comes your way can help you build up your pool route quickly. But there are a lot of pools that you probably should pass on and I go over some of those here for you.  Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesale account today! C

Solar Pool Covers the Good and Bad
June 23, 2022

Solar pool covers can be a popular choice to retain heat in your pool during the season and they can be very effective. I go over the different mil as well as colors and share some thoughts on these solar covers known also as solar blankets.Leslie’s Pro:

Pool Child Safety Tips to Prevent Drowning
June 22, 2022

Drowning prevention of course starts with some common-sense steps. But there are many tangible, electronic, and physical boundaries that can be used to prevent drowning. I go over some of these here for you. Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesal

Repairs or Weekly Pool Service? Which Is Better?
June 21, 2022

Technically repairs and weekly pool service should be two separate businesses. Many do a combination of both and this can be done successfully. Here is how to decide which is better for your business model. Leslie’s Pro: Pool Service Pro, open a Wholesale

The Winning Combination – Pool Care Made Easy!
June 20, 2022

Any sports fan knows that in order to win a championship at the professional level you need a team of two to three superstars. I apply this same concept with pool care and give you some winning combinations of team players to keep algae at bay and your po