The Pool Guy Podcast Show

The Pool Guy Podcast Show

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Can You Afford to Bring on an Employee at This Time?
November 24, 2020

Cost of an employee

Podcast Episode 500! A Brief Recap About Me & What I Do
November 23, 2020

Pool Guy Podcast Show Overview

Selling Chlorine Enhancers to your Customers
November 20, 2020

Best ways to sell chlorine enhancer on your pool route

Salt Water Generators and the Winter Months
November 19, 2020

Salt Systems and the cold weather months

Buying a Robotic Cleaner Based on the Type of Debris Canister
November 18, 2020

Robotic pool cleaner debris chamber comparison

Why Full Service is Always the Best Service Tier
November 17, 2020

Full Service pool service vs other services

When is the Best Time to Start a Pool Service Business?
November 13, 2020

When to start my pool service business

How to Use Fewer Tablets During the Season
November 12, 2020

Use Less Tri-Chlor Tablets

Vacuum System Hacks and Tips
November 11, 2020

Pool Vacuum System Hacks