The Pool Guy Podcast Show

The Pool Guy Podcast Show

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Basic Business Skills Part 8: Building Goodwill
October 23, 2020

Building goodwill in the pool industry

Vacuum System Bags 101: OEM and Aftermarket Bags
October 22, 2020

OEM or After Market Vacuum System Bags

Showing Up Each Week is Half the Battle
October 21, 2020

Showing Up Each Week build Trust

Tips on Dealing with a Pool That Have 2 Skimmers
October 20, 2020

Pools with 2 Skimmers

SweepEase Pool Brush, Interview with Lee Lyons the Owner and Creator
October 19, 2020

SweepEase Pool Brush overview

Truth Or Myth: "A Salt Water Pool is Not a Chlorine Pool" with Rudy Stankowitz
October 16, 2020

Is a Salt Water Pool a Chlorine Pool?

Truth or Myth: "Chlorine Lock" with Rudy Stankowitz
October 15, 2020

Is Chlorine Lock in a pool for real?

Using Borates in your Pool & Acceptable Chemical Levels with Rudy Stankowitz
October 14, 2020

Are borates good to add to your pool?

Truth or Myth: "Can you Lower your pH without Lowering Total Alkalinity" with Rudy Stankowitz
October 13, 2020

Can you lower the pH without lowering the Alkalinity in a pool?

Lowering Your Pool’s CYA Level with Aluminum Sulphate Interview with Rudy Stankowitz
October 12, 2020

Lowering a pool's CYA level without draining it