The Performer's Pathway

The Performer's Pathway

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A Chat With Jimmy Haslip
July 12, 2020

Legendary bassist and producer Jimmy Haslip joins us in the virtual studio this week. We talk about the music business, current projects, touring, people skills, Allan Holdsworth, Jaco Pastorius, dealing with quarantine and much more. Check it out!

A Chat With Ari Hoenig
July 04, 2020

Acclaimed drummer, composer and educator Ari Hoenig joins us in the virtual studio this week. We talk about music, career, quarantine, social media, the "future" of jazz, tomatoes and much more. Yup, tomatoes...check out this episode to learn more!

A Chat With Hans Groiner
June 28, 2020

Controversial and outspoken Austrian "jazz" pianist, Hans Groiner joins us in the virtual studio today. We talk about his music, quarantined life, future projects, social media, performance tips and more. This is a good one!

A Chat With Ruslan Sirota
June 21, 2020

Grammy Award-winning pianist, composer and producer Ruslan Sirota joins us in the virtual studio today for this fun and informative episode. Ruslan is a wonderful musician with a ton of experience and sincerity.

It’s Black and White!
June 14, 2020

Los Angeles-based composer, producer and saxophonist Randy Gist joins Jake and I in the virtual studio for this very special episode. Randy explains what it's like to be a black man in this world, the difficulties he faces,

Peak Musical Performance with Dr. Greene
May 31, 2020

Peak performance psychologist Dr. Don Greene sits down in our virtual studio to talk about musician performance tips, common pitfalls, centering energy, practicing, daily routines, goals, dealing with quarantine and more.

Music, Fitness & Geni
May 24, 2020

Woodwind player, fitness enthusiast and cat lover Geni Skendo joins us for this week's episode. We talk about exercise, avoiding musician injuries, health, learning and more. This is a cool episode with a cool cat :). Come hang with us!

A Chat With Charles Ruggiero
May 17, 2020

LA-based drummer Charles Ruggiero (Joshua Redman, Peter Bernstein, Brad Mehldau, Chris Potter, Larry Goldings, etc.) joins us in the virtual studio for this fun and informative episode. Charles talks about his career, NY vs. LA, addiction/recovery,

A Chat With Ian Hendrickson-Smith
May 09, 2020

NYC based saxophonist and flutist Ian Hendrickson-Smith (The Tonight Show, The Roots, Sharon Jones, Amy Winehouse, etc.) joins us in the virtual studio this week. Ian talks about how he built his career, what aspects helped him get ahead and what up-...

A Chat With Asaf Rodeh
May 03, 2020

Musical director, producer and guitarist Asaf Rodeh (Lil Nas X, Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, etc.) joins us for this special episode. Asaf talks about getting high level gigs, being prepared, having diverse skills, touring and more. This is a fun one!