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TOMS Ep. 9 “Summer Sauce”
August 08, 2017

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 9 “Summer Sauce” Join Phil and I as we ride along in deep space talking about the 70th anniversary of what happened in Roswell, New Mexico concerning possible alien goodies.Much thanks to Starfleet for the use of … Con

TOMS Ep. 8 “Four Pack”
April 28, 2017

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 8 “Four Pack” Tonight, Phil and I go over 4 topics to make up for our disappearance. We were hiking in the hills of the Rockies and got lost in the restroom, but aside from that, we … Continue reading →

TOMS Ep. 7 “Big Nessie Foot”
May 04, 2016

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 7 “Big Nessie Foot” Tonight my buddy Phil and I speak of both “The Loch Ness Monster” and “Bigfoot”. We travel from the water to the woods in search of the big and hairy to the swimming … Contin

TOMS Ep. 6 “Zombies”
April 03, 2016

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 6 “Zombies” We speak to you from the Zombie Detainment Facility here in Connecticut. Listen as Phil and I discuss different types of zombie infestations. The scary thing is, all these stories are absolutely true! Let us &#82

TOMS Ep. 5 “Possession”
March 15, 2016

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 5 “Possession” Tonight we discuss the topic of possession. We are joined by our special guest, Mr. Christopher Tupa ( who helps us chat about some thoughts and ideas about this topic. If you have any tho

TOMS Ep. 4 “Aliens”
March 03, 2016

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 4 “Aliens” Tonight Phil and I discuss the existence of aliens in our or any other galaxy. We have background music by “Deep Dark” performing: “Aliens” ( Enjoy as we

TOMS Ep. 3 “The Warrens”
November 05, 2015

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 3 “The Warrens” Phil and I discuss the Warrens and the chance Phil got to meet them. This is a great story and one we recorded for Halloween 2015. Unfortunately, the computer crashed before we could release … Continue

TOMS Ep. 2 “Campfire Stories”
September 02, 2015

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 2 “Campfire Stories” My buddy Phil and I discuss our favorite Campfire Stories as we sit by a campfire. How appropriate s that? We also discuss the history of each story to the best of our knowledge. … Continue reading

TOMS Ep. 1 “Introduction”
August 23, 2015

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 1 “Introduction” Welcome to an introductory episode of “The Open Minded Skeptic”. In this podcast, Phil and Zerb discuss everything from ghost and specters, to conspiracy’s… and even Bigfoot’s!