The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast

The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast

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The Poker Mindset HP Model · S5E31
December 27, 2022

You already know a strong poker mindset is crucial for long term success. But how the heck does melding the idea of mental game and hit point meters from video games work? Coach w34z3l shares his mo

More Rake Is ______? · S5E30
December 13, 2022

While you can look at poker rake as simply the price of doing business, its important to understand how this has changed over the years. Where do your rake dollars go? Why are sites limiting winning

Hacking Your Poker Productivity In 2023 · S5E29
November 29, 2022

You could be so much more productive, and both your on & off table poker time could be used more powerfully. So in this episode, coach w34z3l shares easy hacks to improve your productivity and becom

Online Poker Cheating In 2023 · S5E28
November 15, 2022

Unfortunately, cheating still exists in online poker. But with a little knowledge of what to look for, you can better protect yourself when playing on your favorite site. In this episode, coach w34z3

The Live Cash Game Preflop Toolbox · S5E27
November 01, 2022

Does your live cash game preflop strategy need some updating? Are you using the right ranges, sizing your raises properly, and getting aggressive in the correct spots? In this episode, coach w34z3l

Deriving Exploits In Poker · S5E26
October 18, 2022

Even though GTO is all the rage, the highest winrates will always be captured with solid exploitative strategies when playing against humans. In this episode, coach w34z3l shares how you can derive

The Simple Bet Sizing Framework · S5E25
October 04, 2022

How well do you select your bet sizes in no-limit holdem? Do you need a model for bet sizing with various hand strengths? In this episode, coach w34z3l shares his simplified bet size strategy so yo

7 Hand Reading Principles · S5E24
September 20, 2022

Do your hand reading skills leave something to be desired? Are you still struggling to put your opponent on a correct range of hands? In this episode, coach w34z3l shares seven hand reading principl

Tips For Going Pro In Poker · S5E23
September 06, 2022

Are you considering playing poker professionally and looking for some tips on making the transition successfully? In this episode, coach w34z3l breaks down the inner workings of going pro and handli

2 Chapters From GTO Poker Gems · S5E22
August 23, 2022

Enjoy free chapters from the new poker book, GTO Poker Gems. The first chapter dives into the complexity of a pure GTO solution and why a game like NLHE (or even PLO) likely will NOT be truly solved i