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The National Affairs Podcast

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Religious liberty at the Supreme Court with William J. Haun
August 02, 2020

Legal and cultural debates involving religious liberty are converging toward a single question: is free religious exercise an element of the common good, that contributes to society’s overall well-being? In the landmark 1990 case of Employment Division...

Vapers and public-health experts (with Sally Satel)
July 05, 2020

Just a few years ago, e-cigarettes were lauded as a public-health miracle that could wean addicts off of far more harmful smoking habits. Today, the same e-cigarettes are denounced as a public-health nightmare,

Religious liberty is not enough (with Ryan Anderson)
June 07, 2020

Ryan Anderson shares his views that recent battles over religious liberty don't actually have anything to deal with religion, but deeper moral debates

A new education agenda for the right (with Rick Hess)
May 10, 2020

When it comes to education, conservatives have been far better at explaining what they are against than what they are for — at least beyond school choice in K-12 and freedom of speech on campus. But guest Rick Hess argues that conservatives are actuall...

The classical-education movement with Ian Lindquist
April 05, 2020

Cultural renewal is a generational project, and therefore an educational project. Guest Ian Lindquist suggests that Americans looking for signs of hope that such a project remains achievable should look to a growing network of primary and secondary sch...

The limits of economic populism with Donald Schneider
March 01, 2020

Don Schneider joins and shares his views of how shifts in the US economy have contributed to labor inequality and responses to counteract these disparities

The crisis of men without work with Nicholas Eberstadt
February 02, 2020

Unemployment rates are down... why are so many men still without work? Guest Nicholas Eberstadt argues that the issue is more complex than most experts say

The China trade shock with Samuel Hammond
January 05, 2020

Is open trade as simple as it seems? Current trade tensions with China indicate otherwise. Samuel Hammond joins the show to discuss it's hidden complexities and what they could say about the future of America's labor market

Economic Dynamism: with Oren Cass
December 08, 2019

Guest Oren Cass joins hosts Dan Wiser and Devorah Goldman to discuss the hidden dangers within the ever-popular concept of economic dynamism

Rethinking Medicare: with James Capretta
November 03, 2019

AEI Fellow James Capretta joins hosts Dan and Devorah to discuss the problems plaguing the Medicare system and the fundamental changes needed to fix it.