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The Music Prophet

Pop Mach!ne: Classic Rock With A Conservatory Education

July 11, 2019
Pop Mach!ne shares thier love for Van Halen, classical music and what drives them to reintroduce classic rock to Sudbury. Recored live in their jam space, friendship and positivity filled the room... Especially when they mentioned  thier debut album release and thier performance in Northern Lights Festival Boreal, the longest running music festival in Canada. Hear 3 of thier songs, and discover the personality of Pop Mach!ne!

Artist Biography:

Pop Mach!ne is a modern classic rock band based in Northern Ontario. The original band consisting of 5 members was formed in late May of 2015 from Lively Ontario. They have a dream of  bringing Rock back to the forefront of popular music, and performing in Northern Lights Festival Boréal 2019 might just be the start!


Meet the Band Members:

Emily Duval -- Lead Vocals and Keyboard

Candice Duval ---- Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Christopher Walli ---- Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Keegan Beaulieu ---- Drums

Cassandra Walli ---- Lead Guitar and backing Vocals


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