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Motoring Podcast - News Show

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Big traffic light - 27 November 2023
November 28, 2023

NISSAN TO INVEST FURTHER IN SUNDERLAND PLANTNissan is investing a further £2 billion in their Sunderland facilities, with the confirmation that the next generation Qashqai and Juke, both to be electric only, will be built alongside the Leaf. If you wish t

Sick of everything - 21 November 2023
November 22, 2023

FOLLOW UP: BRITISHVOLT OWNER SERVED NOTICE ON UNPAID WAGESAn ex employee has served a legal notice on Recharge Industries, the owner of the failed battery manufacturer Britishvolt, for unpaid wages. If the money is not forthcoming, the firm could be pur

Need want and desire - 14 November 2023
November 15, 2023

FOLLOW UP: RENAULT FINALLY CREATES AMPERERenault has finally announced the creation of Ampere, the new division responsible for developing their EVs, circular economy and software for the Group. At the time of recording there was no mention of the IPO tha

Buying your dreams - 7 November 2023
November 08, 2023

FOLLOW UP: BRITISHVOLT STAFF NOT PAID FOR MONTHSRecharge Industries, the company that has bought Britishvolt, although not finalised payment yet, has not paid UK staff for the last four months. Once again, the poor staff let down by management. If you wou

My demeaning voice - 31 October 2023
November 01, 2023

FOLLOW UP: CRUISE PAUSES DRIVERLESS TAXI SERVICEBoth Califorias Department for Motor Vehicles and Public Utilities Commission have revoked Cruises license to carry fee paying passengers in their robotaxis. Cruise, following this, has paused the operat

Special Edition: Japan Mobility Show 2023 - 30 October 2023
October 30, 2023

JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023Alan and Andrew are rounding up the motoring element of the Japan Mobility Show 2023, which is the replacement for the Tokyo Motor Show. The organisers have expanded the remit and potential audience. There are stands about everythi

That's courageous - 24 October 2023
October 25, 2023

CALLS FOR RULES OF ORIGIN AGREEMENT STRENGTHENEDThe Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has reinforced its call for an agreement to be reached between the EU and UK over rules of origin delay. The SMMT has outlined what the average price increase w

Better at rubbing the soap - 17 October 2023
October 18, 2023

DOJ CHARGES EBAY OVER ROLLING COAL DEVICE SELLINGThe Department of Justice (DOJ) in the US, has taken eBay to court over allowing rolling coal devices to be sold on the platform. These manipulate the control of engines and allow for huge plumes of black

Driven by nobs - 10 October 2023
October 11, 2023

FOLLOW UP: CHINA UNHAPPY AT EU SUBSIDY PROBEIn a move that should surprise no one, China has complained about the process and speed of the EUs investigation into the possibility of state backed subsidies for Chinese EV makers. Click here to read the Reut

Take a French lunch - 3 October 2023
October 04, 2023

FOLLOW UP: ZEV MANDATE FINALLY ANNOUNCEDThe Government has finally published the details of the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate. As we discussed last week the expected percentage minimums of zero emission vehicles sold per brand have remained from the consu