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How To Be A Dad, Part 9
August 10, 2023

Tom Price and Stuart Goldsmith return to the show to compare notes with Olly on raising their now seven-and-a-half year-old boys.Can they now swear freely in front of their kids? How best to deal with 8pm extension negotiations at bedtime? And how sho

The Snake Man of South Wales
July 10, 2023

Since encountering a grass snake at the age of eight, Dr Rhys Jones has felt a profound connection with reptiles.He has rescued them, toured the country with them and even studied them at Cardiff University; an achievement that seemed impossible when he

Sex, Sobriety and Rock & Roll
June 09, 2023

Booze, drugs and music are deeply intertwined - from the beers given to bands in their riders to the excessive consumption facilitated by festivals and after-show parties.For music promoter Chris De Banks, consuming up to thirty pints a day had become

The 24 Weekers
May 10, 2023

Elaine Gregersen was 24 weeks pregnant when her waters broke. Having endured sickness throughout her high-risk pregnancy, she and husband Mark had not suspected anything sinister was happening when she appeared to be suffering from bladder weakness too. 

Mike, Inc
April 11, 2023

Imagine delegating your decisions to a group of people online, some of whom are total strangers. Imagine sharing the most intimate parts of your life in order to get their approval. Imagine answering your personal problems in the same way a bank asks its

Why I Make Porn
March 09, 2023

Rosie Hodsdon was struggling to make ends meet on a pHD stipend. Then she hit Record and began to make sex videos from her student flat, indulging her fetish for kink.As she explains to Olly in this intimate conversation, her sexy side-hustle introduced

Challenge Ian
February 09, 2023

Ian Mudge was a teenage punk, whose exploits included chucking chairs out of a train window.He became a teacher, whose unconventional methods and connection with kids saw him rise through the ranks, becoming Headteacher of a Pupil Referral Unit - respo

Adventures In Microdosing
January 11, 2023

Ketamine and magic mushrooms are notorious for their damaging side-effects, including paranoia, depression and other bad trips.But the process of carefully administering small amounts of these drugs - so-called microdosing - is now gaining traction b

Christmas Spectacular 2022
December 10, 2022

Olly, Alix and Ollie gather round the podcasting chimney for a festive knees-up, with musical guest Ashley Singh and entrepreneur Jules Parker. There are yuletide songs, holiday films, a Christmas collab - and, of course, the LEGENDARY XXXMas Foxhole Ch

Inside Strangeways
November 10, 2022

Neil 'Sam' Samworth spent 11 years as a prison officer at HMP Manchester - better known as Strangeways, one of Britains most notorious jails.Building rapport with the men incarcerated there, he prided himself on de-escalating violent and threatening sit