The Marketing Minutes

The Marketing Minutes

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Episode 20 – No More Cookies – What Does It Mean?
January 25, 2021

Steve & Garrison are joined by Senior Media Director Ben Thaler to discuss what the disappearing cookies mean for marketing, advertising and business. Big changes are coming! Are you ready?  

Episode 19 – The Pros & Cons of Media Fragment
January 19, 2021

Steve & Garrison discuss how to utilize media fragmentation to strengthen your brand while avoiding the pitfalls. Media fragmentation presents a lot of opportunities for various brands of all sizes, if used properly.  

Episode 18 – Trends to Watch in 2021
January 11, 2021

Goooodbye, 2020! To open the New Year on The Marketing Minutes, Garrison & Steve talk about current and coming trends that will present both opportunities and challenges for businesses and marketers. Tune in on the Davis website or with your favorite p...

Episode 17 – A/B Testing: Why & When You Do It
December 07, 2020

Steve & Garrison discuss why and when to employ A/B testing to bolster your marketing efforts.  

Episode 16 – Breaking Into New Markets
November 30, 2020

Join Steve & Garrison this week as they discuss the necessary steps to take to break into new markets, whether digitally or physically.  

Episode 15 – Conducting a Successful Rebrand
November 23, 2020

Garrison & Steve discuss the reasons why and how to go through a successful rebranding process.  

Episode 14 – The Digital Experience for the At-Home Audience
November 16, 2020

  Garrison is joined by Davis Advertising's Director of Web & Application Development Chris Corbett, Senior Web Developer Ray Lo, and Web Developer Rob Clark for a discussion about how to adapt and optimize your digital experience for the at home audi...

Episode 13 – Marketing & Advertising for the At-Home Life
November 02, 2020

  Steve & Garrison are joined by Copywriter David Halperin to discuss how to shift marketing and advertising messaging to reach a larger at-home audience more effectively.  

Episode 12 – The Process of Visual Branding
October 27, 2020

  Steve & Garrison are joined by Davis Advertising Assistant Art Director and accomplished independent illustrator Nicole Tadgell to discuss what goes into developing an overall brand look and feel, from logos to color selection to character developme...

Episode 11 – Characters, Mascots, and Spokespeople
October 19, 2020

  This week, Steve and Garrison discuss the benefits of creating a character, mascot or spokesperson to personify your brand. -