The John1911 Podcast

The John1911 Podcast

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Hello Swede Cheeks
August 09, 2023

Episode 313 of the John1911 podcast: Swede Sniper Joke. Mailing List updates. Getting fired for a social media like? Armed Fisherman in Florida. Wilson SFT9 w/Rail. FBI counter-intelligence offi

The SIG P320 is Done, Over, Finished, Dead
July 28, 2023

Episode 312 of the John1911 Podcast is now live: SIG P320 holster ND's in LEO holster. Kraken is a 40 hypocrite. Hunter Biden finally gets court!!! Our lastest 2024 election scorecard

$15 Million Bus of Shame
July 16, 2023

Episode 311 of the John1911 podcast is now live. We bought a .40S&W 1911. BATFE looses 80% receiver lawsuit. Could the FBI HQ move to Alabama? Ray Epps sues Fox News. Bob Huggins just can't quit

1911 +P Fudd-Lore
July 10, 2023

Had a listener reach out with a question. He was told something goofy at his local gunstore and wanted to confirm or disprove what he was hearing. I appreciate him doing that since it gives me a chanc

The Trans-Postal Express
July 08, 2023

Episode 309 of the John1911 podcast is now live: Newsletter Updates More storm damage at our range. Ben Stoeger vs Modern Samuari Project. MAC JSOC 1911. Brittany Spears gets it. More trans violen

Don’t Shoot The Pool Boy.
July 01, 2023

Episode 308 of the John1911 is now live. This time with all three of us: Taylor Swift swamps our city. Harvard gets bent over by SCOTUS. Renaming military bases - How Germany does it. Alec Baldwi

The Unexpected Headshot
June 29, 2023

Episode 307 of the John1911 Podcast: Camera failures on range. Sniper rifle issues on range. 94 yard headshot. Is 30 Supercarry Dying? USMC drops the last M45A1's. The 5.11 business model. A cra

Walking Your Dog Down Lover’s Lane
June 19, 2023

Episode 306 of the John1911 Podcast: You can't cover for the coach forever. Deteching CCW with thermal cameras. Is Joe Rogan keeping his podcast powder dry? Royal Tiger Imports - More roached r

Trail Mix Bullets
June 14, 2023

Episode 305 of the John1911 Podcast is live: Grader blade works. Is Tucker in trouble? Trump is definitly in trouble. Bud Lite acted like The Jerry Springer show. Slowjamastan. NBA Gun Channels

State Trooper Gives Him The BOHICA
June 08, 2023

Episode 304 of the John1911 podcast is now live: Big media arong about The GOP House functioning. Danny predicts Trump & Tim Scott on the ticket. What to do about the FBI? Are horses more danger