The Hindsight, An Animorphs Podcast

The Hindsight, An Animorphs Podcast

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Visser Three: A+ In Adulting
June 22, 2017

Hannah and Kelly join Tobias for his bunny-inspired disassociation, eagle-inspired semi sexual something or other, and their own hypothetical clean fork self loathing.   

Silence of the Rats
May 15, 2017

Hannah and Kelly dig into the last book of the David trilogy, Book 22: The Solution, looking at the recurring theme of violation, Rachel's psyche at this point, and how the Animorphs terribly come into their own in the ongoing war for Earth. 

Book 21: He's Not the New Animorph! He's a Very Naughty Boy!
April 16, 2017

Hannah and Kelly apologize in advance for a totally innapropriate Monty Python reference as we dive into Book 21: The Threat, discuss Jake's growth as a leader, devote about as much time as needed to the Save the World B plot and admire Visser Three's...

New Kid in the Barn
March 13, 2017

Hannah and Kelly are finally back! Just in time for the new animorph to rear his theoretically frosted-tipped head.  Join us for our discussion of Book 20 The Discovery. 

Struggle Fest Part 2: The Struggling
December 20, 2016

After an endless onslaught of broken mics, computers, and sickness, Hannah and Kelly finally return to discuss the rest of Book 19, the Departure. We talk about play structure some more, and continue to struggle with our admiration for and intial...

Struggle-fest, Part 1
November 15, 2016

Book 19: The Departure

The Night is Dark and Full Of Raptors
October 15, 2016

Megamorphs 2

Captain Benedict Andalite
October 05, 2016

Book 18: The Decision

Sow Your Instant Maple and Ginger Oats While Ye May
September 15, 2016

Hannah and Kelly discuss Book 17 the underground while struggling to understand life in a state as warm as California. The Animorphs struggle to come to terms with the morality of chemical warfare full of fiber. The yeerks struggle with a heart...

56 Kilobytes of Evil
September 01, 2016

Book 16: The Warning