The Future of Business

The Future of Business

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Generation Z in the Workforce by Anne Boysen
July 01, 2016

In this episode, Anne Boysen, a futurist and researcher specializing in generational analysis, examines the evolving nature, expectations, and workplace implications of those born after 1995, often called Generation Z. More about The Future of Business v

Mobile 2030: Scenarios by Alexandra Whittington and Amir Bar
March 10, 2016

In this episode, Alexandra Whittington (reading) and Amir Bar present four scenarios exploring how mobile technology could permeate every day aspects of our social and professional lives by 2030. For 65% off of The Future of Business, use coupon code Fut

Futures Thinking – A Critical Organizational Skill by Hardin Tibbs
February 10, 2016

In this podcast, Hardin Tibbs, a highly experienced futurist, strategist, educator, and writer, highlights the importance of developing critical futures thinking skills that enable organizations to anticipate and adapt to change. More about The Future of

Shaping the Future of Journalism by Puruesh Chaudhary
January 12, 2016

In her chapter, Puruesh discusses how the practice of journalism needs to evolve in the face of continuous global change and rapid technological advancements. Plus, she also touches on foresight journalism and its importance in the coming decades to soci

Global Drivers of Change Section 2
January 05, 2016

In Section 2 of the book, “Tomorrow’s Global Order”, we explore the question: What are the emerging political and economic transformations that could reshape the environment for society and business? The Global Drivers of Change are some of t

It’s YOUR Future… Chapter reading by Dr. Verne Wheelwright
December 15, 2015

In this special episode, Dr. Verne Wheelwright reads the introduction and first chapter to his book, It’s YOUR Future… Make it a Good One! It’s YOUR Future… Make it a Good One! is now available on! Beg

It’s YOUR Future… an Interview with Dr. Verne Wheelwright
December 12, 2015

In this special episode, I interview Dr. Verne Wheelwright and learn about personal futures, his motivation for writing the award-winning book, It’s YOUR Future… Make it a Good One!, and how this book has inspired others in their pursuit for

The Rise of the Cosmeceutical Sector by David Saintloth
December 09, 2015

David Saintloth is a US entrepreneur, designer, and a write, and in his chapter, he highlights how gene editing technology could enable the emergence of a new cosmeceutical health and beauty sector. Beginning December 15th, pick up a copy of Its YOUR

Exploring the Business of the Blockchain by Rohit Talwar & Alexandra Whittington
December 02, 2015

Alexandra Whittington reads a chapter that she co-authored with editor Rohit Talwar explaining blockchain and its future implications for society, business, and economies. More about The Future of Business Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @FutrBiz Music

Global Drivers of Change Section 1
November 25, 2015

In the opening section titled, Visions of the future – What are the global transformations on the horizon? the book explores some big picture views of how our world could play out in the next two decades and the potential implications for individuals, so